These days, Inner-Peace craze is raging all over the world. Work and stress-stricken youths control their minds with smartphone meditation apps, while those who are less familiar with smartphones sit and focus on breathing. Most large companies are running meditation sessions to increase their work performance, so they are probably too aware of the effects of meditation on their mind and body. Scientists conclude that meditation is very beneficial, from mental health to physical health to cell-level health.

The market for meditative apps is a digital bonanza

These days, they can meditate on smartphones, so they are also deeply embedded in the younger generation. The U.S. meditation app “Calm” estimates that more than 40 million downloads have been downloaded worldwide since its launch in 2012, with the number of paid subscribers also far exceeding 1 million. (Source: “Calm,” a meditation app, how did it become a trillion-dollar unicorn, author Tech Plus)

In Korea, meditation apps such as Mabo and heart-to-heart have been developed and are used by many people. The online meditation market is growing so fast that the word “digital bonanza” has been coined in the U.S.

In China, the new term “bullgye youth” was popular. It refers to a younger generation who abandoned greed and moved toward life like a Buddha, like a Buddhist monk. This led to the popularity of static lifestyles such as vegetarian food and meditation, which have emerged from the entertainment consumer culture,” said the source: 2030, “Escape Out” via YouTube.Do you know the mind tube,

There is a term “ironic error” in psychology. This is what comes to mind when you try not to think. In other words, if you try not to think negatively, the negative thoughts come out all the more. Meditation is not to judge an idea that comes to mind. I just let it be. I just observe all the thoughts and ideas that come to my mind, not be drawn into it, but I just look. Then you realize what you’re doing and what you’re thinking. So when you meditate, you know yourself. When meditation deepens, experts say, the negative thoughts become less and less and can be completely dismissed later.

There are several ways to meditate: breathing meditation, such as Wi-Passana, which traditionally focuses on breathing, an insight that feels everything such as sense and thought transcendental meditation, which seeks transcendental consciousness, and mindfulness, which is in the spotlight in modern times.
Dr. Yuri Harari, who is known as the world’s “Big Thinker,” also meditate for an hour and a half every day. His three books, “Sapiens,” “Homodeus,” and “21 Questions for the 21st Century,” have become global best-sellers, stressing the effect of meditation, saying such a book could not have come out without meditation.

Victory altar prayers are the completion of meditation.

The Victory Altar prays to dispel negative thoughts.
The core of the Victory Altar’s prayer is to take the face of the Savior to heart. When you eat, walk, sit, talk, or even sleep, it’s called carving the face of the Savior. It’s a kind of concentration meditation. It’s like a reason for the monks in the trenches to concentrate on the topic. Thus, when the steps of carving the face of the Savior become deeper, the face of the Savior is carved anytime, anywhere. Even when you sleep, the face of the Savior is engraved. Cho Hee-sung taught me that you should go to such a place not to die. The crucial difference between the prayer of the Victory Altar and Zen is whether to look at the Savior, the source of life. Therefore, Zen that does not look at the Savior will die at all costs.

However, the face of the Savior is different from that of ordinary people, so it is hard to come up with it at random. I keep trying to carve my face, but sometimes I only see his forehead or his back, and then I see part of him. Then another idea comes to mind. A lot of negative thoughts are coming out. Then, the idea is named after it and I pray it’s extermination. You can do it in your heart, or you can do it out loud, but it’s better to do it in your heart because it shouldn’t bother others. For example, when a person’s hatred rises, it is called “pulling the root of a hated demon and destroying it.” It’s a kind of mantra meditation, and it’s mindfulness meditation.

If such prayers feel difficult or if you think you are a novice, listening to the voice of the Savior is a good way to enter meditation. Because the voice of the Savior is completely different from the voice of the commoner, hearing his voice strengthens his inner vitality. It is a kind of sound meditation, but it is different from sound meditation in that it strengthens vitality.
Also, the Victory Altar sings and claps loudly during worship. Clapping hands and singing praises eliminates negative thoughts and strengthens the energy inside of yourself. This is a form of exercise meditation. Exercise meditation is good for getting rid of negative thoughts such as stress.

As the world is rapidly changing due to the development of smartphones and IT technologies, the life of pursuing small-scale happiness of individuals has become a trend. Meeting with the Savior guarantees a happy life. The Savior, a life-energy power plant, has emerged, so meet him quickly.*