A museum in Canada will work together to give patients a prescription to appreciate artwork.

What you see with your eyes is very important

According to an article on October 26, 2018 BBC News, a group of doctors and the Montreal Museum of Art are affiliated to allow doctors to use prescriptions to visit museums for free. Doctors at Medecins Francophones, Canada, planned to publish a prescription starting this November for patients to attend art galleries and exhibitions in Montreal as a complement to traditional prescriptions. “The neutral, beautiful and inspirational space of the museum (Nathali Bondil) can give patients the opportunity to “feel” and experience and to “make them feel better, improve well-being,” says museum President Natalie Bondil.
It is very important that humans see, hear, feel, and think so many things in our lives. As soon as one looks at a target with one’s eyes, one’s consciousness naturally comes to mind. As soon as you see something beautiful, consciousness sends the judgment to your brain and the brain orders you to excrete good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.
Therefore, the moment patients see artifacts or artwork displayed in the museum, they will know that a good hormone will release itself, which will have a healthy effect. If there is a perception that the museum is beneficial to one’s health, music concerts, and other prescriptions that make you feel beautiful will spread.

Savior: The Best Health Secret

All things in this world are gods. Therefore, things in the world are affected by the human mind, and everything in the world affects people. Everything is interactive.
The Savior is the strongest god and spirit in the universe, so it would be very helpful for your health to see his voice in the face of the savior. The spirit of life comes to him when he sees his face, and when he hears his voice, the spirit of life enters him. So you’ll have to know that keeping him in mind is really incredibly healthy. *