People are considered as spiritual animals. As spirit is god, they are called spiritual animals. The heart of humans are the spirit, at the moment people die, will the spirit leave the body? No. When humans die, the spirit dies, too. The spirit of human beings does not leave, as the spirit dies, people die.

The Awareness of ‘I’ is the spirit of death
The spirit itself is the life, the life of humans itself is the spirit of God. The reason that the spirit of God is in humans is because humans are the children of God. Since humans are the children of God, they should be called Gods. However, the devils occupied Gods, created them into humans, and named them humans. That is, if humans return to Gods, there will be no place for them to sit on. The devils are the worst enemy of God. As the enemy of God is the devils, the devils are the spirit of death, which is the awareness of ‘I’ in humans and the 6000-year-old Red Dragon Devil.

We should call the children of God Gods(How God became humans)
People do not know that a human being is a God caught by the devil. So This man says there is no learning in this world. If the subject of learning is people, but not knowing the reality of man, then that learning cannot be learning. The children of God are Gods, the puppies are dogs, calves are cows, the foals are horses, and the babies of monkeys are monkeys. Then the word that the children of God are humans is non sense. As the children of God should be Gods, since Dangoon, the founder of Korean, Koreans have called humans Gods. Only Koreans call people Gods. Dangoon told humans are Gods, that is InNaeCheon Thought. Because God accompanied him, he knew the fact.
The people have called humans men as the devil teaches. Today the devils call people human beings, the word, “humans” itself is the devil. Humans means the devils. Because their controlling spirit is the demon, if one’s controlling spirit is the devil, they can not but be the demon.

At the moment you look at the devil, the spirit of the devil comes into you
Humans were really Gods. At the moment Adam and Eve looked at Satan which appeared with the image of God using the imitating power in front of them 6000 years ago with big round eyes, thinking that he is God, the spirit of Satan came into them through their eyes. And the spirit of Satan pushed the spirit of God, the awareness of his ‘I’ sat on their owner seat. God has remained as conscience in humans, the conscience has been ruled by the awareness of ‘I’.
That is, it is 6000 years ago that God began to be ruled by Satan. The devil has killed all of God’s children from one generation to another. The devil has killed God. Humans live while the spirit of God exists in them, if the devil kills the spirit of God, they die. If people do not know this fact, is there learning in this world? No, there is not. The learning of humans is a wrong one and a distorted one.
Today, to go to heaven, our hometown, we should be reborn as God. Only by being born as God again, by becoming God, we can live in the castle of God. The castle of God is heaven.

The devil gives a dying heart
The devil deceives and seduces that people go to heaven after death. Today pseudo religionists discuss going to heaven after death and the spirit lives forever.
People do not know that because the spirit of God, the spirit of humans, dies, humans die for they are ignorant. Knowing that people die putting on ages, they have a dying heart, “I am going to die before long.” The devil gives you the dying heart first, and then the devil kills you when you are exhausted and down. The devil is a very cruel god and an evil god, and all the people are killed by this evil god.

The spirits of our ancestors exist in our bodies
The spirit of a dead man is not going to heaven, but he is in his children’s bodies. The spirit of a dead man is the heart of the dead. The heart is the blood. The heart is influenced by the blood. So the blood of a dead man is in the blood of their children. Does the spirit of a dead man fly into the sky? The spirit is in his children. The spirit of a dead man is in living people. As the blood of a dead man exists in their children, the children were formed by their parents’ blood.
Do people know this fact? No. Because they are idiotic. As this world is dark, there is no learning. We have a duty to announce that there are the spirits of our ancestors in us.

Where the spirit of a dead man is afterlife
The spirit of a dead man is in a living man, when a man dies, the spirit of the life, the spirit of God, is killed by the devil. As the spirit of a dead man is in you, the spirit of a dead man lives together while you live. Only you do not live. The spirit of your ancestors live in you. Your life is your parents’ afterlife. This is afterlife. Pseudo religions say that afterlife exists in another place. Because they are ignorant. Afterlife is where the spirits of the dead live. If the spirits of grandparents live in their grandchild, they live after afterlife in their grandchild. If the spirits of great grandparents live in the great grandchild, they live after after afterlife great grandchild. As people do not know this fact, it is a dark world. The Bible also says the world is dark. Do you know why? People know nothing. This man is telling the truth.

As humans have the heart of the devil…
Only if all the people become Gods, they will go to heaven or the utmost joy land. Everyone can not go to heaven or the utmost joy land. Only God can go there according to the Bible or the Buddhist scriptures. “You are saved by being reborn as the Holy Spirit” according to John 3:5. The word, “Being reborn as the Holy Spirit” means that as the Holy Spirit is God, by being born as God again, one is saved. Also it means that humans were Gods 6000 years ago. The word, ‘Be reborn as God’ has a meaning that once humans were Gods. It indicates as they were Gods, be born as Gods again. It signifies that humans are Gods.
Also, the Bible says “You act in God” “You conceive the heart of God!” It means that currently, you do not have the heart of God, but the heart of the devil. Foolish people can’t sense the meaning behind the word though they read the Bible. Because their controlling spirit is that of the devil. The word, “Conceive the heart of God.” indicates that you have had the mind of the devil so far. The word, “Have the heart of God,” means “Become Gods.” Only God has the heart of God. Humans can not conceive the heart of God. It is “Be Gods.”

Humans can not go to heaven
Christians just carry the Bible, they don’t know the meaning behind the Bible. They know that one is saved by receiving the Holy Spirit. No. Sinners cannot become Gods by receiving the Holy Spirit. We should be reborn as Gods. Humans cannot go to heaven or the utmost joy land because humans are not Gods. The word that humans go to heaven by believing in Jesus is an incredible lie. Some people believe that word and go to churches diligently, but it is an enormous illusion. Human beings never go to heaven. Nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you, according to Luke 17: 21. It means heaven is in the heart of humans. The word means heaven is in the heart. Also it indicates God is in the heart. Therefore, the Bible says, “Wherever God is, heaven is.” Only by God’s existence, is there heaven. If God is not, there is not heaven. As the Bible says heaven is in human heart, it means living people can go to heaven. In accordance with Luke 20:38, “He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.” That means that only living people go to heaven. Like this, thought the Bible says easily, the teaching people are ignorant, they can not teach correctly. Only the Savior can teach the Bible. Nobody can teach the Bible because they do not know the Bible.*
-Extracted from the sermon of the Victor Christ on November 14, 2000
Translation: Angela Kim