“I believe that people don’t think about aging because they think that they must put it out of their mind they think that it will never be history it will always be something we will have and therefore we should not worry about it but I have realized and I am not the only one some people have realized that no we have the opportunity to eliminate aging to bring ourselves into a different world in which we can stay youthful and fully functioning however long we live”

“when I certainly believe that medicine will be eventually one step ahead we will be able to repair the damage that the body does to itself more rapidly than the damage is occurring and that is how we will be able to stay young”

“first of all how far have we gone against aging we are doing really well if there is still a long way to go but we have made huge progress in the time that I have been working in this field the past 15 years or so I believe that the progress is also speeding up so we have a very good chance of really bringing aging under control quite soon in calloc Stan I believe that there is plenty of opportunity to make a difference the president of collection dr. another buyer is certainly very enthusiastic about this mission he has spoken about it many times for many years and the another by of university a lot of the initiatives in this area so I believe there is plenty of contribution”

“yes it will be available to everybody because it will pay for itself so quickly if somebody is fully functioning like a young adult then they are productive for society they generate wealth so they will pay for the medicine that they are needing in order to say like that”