Blood is decayed due to greed

The Bible says “as after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death(James 1:15).” It means that desire is a sin. So if one eats with greed, they will have a stomach ache, and acupuncturing their finger, dark red blood comes out. That proves their blood decays. Through capillaries that move the stomach, gastric fluid is conveyed to the stomach and the energy to move the stomach is delivered. But if the small blood vessels in the stomach are clogged, the stomach is twisted without moving. The reason why one has a stomachache is because of a spasm in the stomach. Acupuncturing the end of their finger, the rotten blood comes out, and then digestion will start.

So when this tiny blood vessel is blocked, the blood from the heart spills out onto the block and comes back. So the vessels on the other side of the block are vacuumed and compressed. And then, when you prick your fingers’ end, the blood blocking it is going to explode. As soon as it opens, the dark blood comes out through it. Then you burp. It is common knowledge among us Koreans when one has a stomachache, if they acupuncture their fingertips, with a needle, it is healed. But they don’t know what causes it. But the Savior knows everything. The capillaries are blocked, so the gastric fluid is not delivered, and the energy that drives the stomach is not transmitting, so the stomach is warped. The moment your stomach is twisted, your stomach hurts and you feel pain. And then, when you acupuncture the end of fingers, the blocked capillaries are pierced and the blood circulates, and the stomach begins to operate again. When the stomach starts working again, the digestion begins again.