An article titled ‘115 vs. 150′ Human Life Limitations’ was published in the Hankyoreh newspaper (2017.6.29). The story’s main point was whether there was a limit to human life. The article is summarized as follows.

Geneticist: There is no human life limit.

Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, including Jan Peach, argue that the life expectancy of 115 years is difficult to reach after 115 years after analyzing survivors aged 110 or older in the U.S., Japan, France, and the U. Genetics, on the other hand, expressed a negative view of the 115-year-old lifespan, and Martin Rogings of the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, contended that there was no such thing as a clock of 150 people. – Summary of the Hankyoreh articles

Up until 1900 A.D., human lifespan was only about 340 years. Thanks to the development of science and medicine, however, the human lifespan has reached 78 years old in 100 years. It would be safe to say it is a long-term revolution.

Today, high-tech companies are putting long-term projects on the agenda to generate profits. Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon as Google has launched a company called Calico to open a 500-year-old era. The following is an article from the Chosun Ilbo.

There is a boom in investment in start-up companies, which offer anti-aging and extended life expectancy. Calico, a biotech company founded by Google, has signed a contract with Avby, the world’s seventh-largest pharmaceutical company, to invest 1.5 billion dollars in aging research. Martin Rossblatt, founder of Sirius Satellite Radio, the largest satellite radio company in North America, uses his biotech United Ceraputics to synthesize transplant organs into patients’ DNA and remove the limits of brain information to computers.

Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison set up a medical foundation named after him and invested more than 300 billion won in aging research. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and PayPal founder Peter Til invested 130 billion won in Unity BioTechnologies to live longer by eliminating aging cells. The company plans to begin clinical trials on arthritis patients soon (Source: Chosun Ilbo 2017. 5.9).
This may be because it is scientifically possible for companies to jump into long-term businesses.

Bible: A Man Who Lives Up to 1,000

According to the Bible, the human race from Adam and the Sea of mankind to Noah was a long life. Even Adam lived 930 years, Noah lived 950 years, and there was a Mood cell who lived to 969 years. However, after the floods, human life expectancy has decreased dramatically, and as I mentioned above, it has risen again in the 20th century, reaching 78 years of average life expectancy, and older people who are older than 110.

be over a thousand years old

Savior Jo Hee-sung says the age of eternal life will come, and the members of the Yeongsaeng Victory Foundation will live to be over a thousand years old and enjoy eternal life. If a person is over a thousand years old, he or she will never die. Because they are less than a thousand years old, all of our ancestors died.

But now, because the conditions and conditions of Noah’s flood have changed a lot, one cannot live a thousand years after eating. It is that all the digestive organs are degraded and changed into an eternal body by eating the food of the Lord of Savior.

Death comes when you accept the idea of dying. The secret of his life is that he can overcome death if he makes sure he doesn’t die. Let’s all run harder towards the old age of eternity.