Blood contains both Life and Death in another word God and Satan, how to become God

How to become God, there are many people who want to become Gods in the world. But they do not know how to become Gods.
Here is a person who overcame the mask of a man and recovered an almighty God. He has told people immortal ways.
Now I will tell you how to remove the character of death in humans.

Palms 82:6 says,“you are Gods, the sons of the Most High,”

As all humanity is sons of God, they have the blood of God. So we want to live forever in infinite happiness. Nobody lives forever, nobody enjoyed that happiness. Why we have that heart of God? That is evidence we are the sons of God.

As our ancestors lived like God and we have the blood of God, we do not like death and like happiness.

Then we cannot live like God? As the Forbidden Fruit is in our blood, we cannot live like God forever.

What is the Forbidden Fruit in our heart?

It is the mind of Satan, the spirit of death, such as ego, hateful mind, jealous mind, unpleasant mind, arrogance… If we have the mind of Satan, the spirit of death become strong and our blood decays gradually, finally we die.

The food of Satan is the mind of Satan. If we do not have the mind of Satan, Satan in us become weak and die in the end. Then we can become God. Humans are co-existence of Satan and God.

What is the heart of God?

As life is God, all things are made of the life of God according to John 1:1. So God thinks all things and all humanity is his body. If one thinks as God thinks, their blood is changed into the blood of God, the blood of God makes an immortal body. If we have immortal bodies, we are Gods.

The immortal way is regarding everyone as my body and serving everyone as Gods.