the Fountain of Youth

Many people wish to live forever. We have known some of  heroes in history, such as the first emperor in China Qin Shi Huang and Alexander the Great chased a herb of eternal youth. Every culture, every civilization has dreamed of finding eternal youth. However, they didn’t find it.

Tony Wyss-Coray, professor of Stanford University in USA, conducted experiments- so called parabiosis, old mice that share a blood supply with young mice and get rejuvenated. This is an amazing development in aging research, which could lead diseases related in aging to heal or treat. If this outcome could have applied to human we can treat age-related diseases such as  Alzheimer, dementia.

Eternal youth is within our blood

The Stanford professor say we discovered that the Fountain Youth is within us. Where is it? I can say it is within our mind. Because our mind is deeply interacted with our blood.