Every material is composed of elements. Elements consist of nuclei and neutrons. And electrons are turning around nucleus and neutrons endlessly. But scientists do not know why they are spinning. According to the Victor of the Victory Altar, neutron is the spirit of God, the spirit of life. Electrons receive the power of life from the neutron and move continually. Also the Savior of the Victory Altar says that electrons are the spirit of Satan. That is the spirit of God is caught by the spirit of Satan in an element of all material. That condition is that of all things of the universe. So all things in the universe cannot avoid death because the spirit of death is Satan. As the smallest unit is the coexistence of the spirit of God and the spirit of Satan, all things are spirit. That is, material is spirit.

As ‘biotron’ (There are two kinds of spirits in a human body. One is a saving one, the other is a killing one. The Victor of the Victory Altar calls the saving one ‘biotron’, which comes out when the heart of God moves in human bodies, the killing one is ‘noxitron’, which is poison when ego, a selfish mind, moves) is passed to the cells of humans through the blood vessels, energy is generated in the body of humans and the vitality that human body can move comes out. ‘Biotron’ is in oxygen. Also there is ‘noxitron’ in oxygen. ‘Noxitron’ is an oxidizing material. For example, when an iron nail contacts oxygen, it rusts and is rotted. Decaying things is ‘noxitron’. As ‘biotron’ is in oxygen, ‘noxitron’ exists in it.

‘Noxitron’ is the spirit of Satan, the spirit of death, the killing spirit. As the spirit of life exists in oxygen, ‘noxitron’ exists in it, in order for the spirit of life not to move, the ‘noxitron’ encompass it. When people breathe air, oxygen in the air comes in the lung, the red blood cells catch the ‘biotron’ in the oxygen and convey to the whole body. Then, all the cells get energy, the person can move. That is the power of ‘biotron’. So due to ‘biotron’, people keep their lives. However, not only ‘biotron’ but also ‘noxitron’ comes in human bodies. ‘Noxitron’ eats up ‘biotron’, the material of life. However, if one is happy or satisfied, their ‘biotron’ is never eaten up by ‘noxitron’. There is a saying “Being alive or dead depends on your mind.” Depending on your heart, you can live or die. So you should keep the law of mind(the Law of Liberty). You should live a life on the contrary of what you want to live. Ego, the controlling spirit of people, is ‘noxitron’. Because ‘noxitron’ decays the human bodies, they die. Scientists and doctors do not know this fact. However, the Victor of the Victory Altar knows everything.

Also he knows how to prolong life forever. Laugh all the time. If one laughs, their ‘biotron’ is never eaten up by ‘noxitron’. Then your ‘biotron’ is so strong, it removes the ‘noxitron’. As your ‘biotron’ gets rid of the ‘noxitron’ in your body, the disease in your is healed. Therefore, one can become God only if one always lives pleasedly, always thanks God, and always lives a life full of joy before God. Only if there is a lot of ‘biotron’ in one’s body, they can become Gods. If ‘biotron’ is less and ‘noxitron’ is more in people, they surely die. If one hates people or gets angry or attempts desires, ‘noxitron’ is getting more and more, ‘biotron’ cannot overcome the ‘noxitron’ and finally they dies. So this eternal life way is the one of keeping the law of mind, the way on the contrary of what you want to live. Only if you live an opposite life, the spirit of Satan in your body dies.

If you will not live an opposite life, the Satan in you become gradually strong, eventually you will die. The way you do not get old is to laugh all the time. Laughing out loud, blood in your body become clean. Then endorphin is generated and T lymphocyte is formed. Then the germs cannot penetrate into the body and enter the body. So you cannot catch a cold. Do you know why one catches a cold? People are infected by virus. Virus is a germ from ‘noxitron’. This man(the Victor of the Victory Altar) knows an immortal way scientifically, medically, and spiritually. The way of eternal life and how not to get sick depend on your heart. If you are disappointed or frustrated or if you live a life without hope, you will certainly die of fatal diseases. Do you know why humans contract a fatal illness? When a person is often disappointed and often discouraged, the blood is decayed a lot. So they catch cancers and critical diseases, cannot overcome them, eventually they cannot but die. Therefore, you should live a life on the contrary what you want to live. People have a mind of taking others’ possessions and have a heart of possessing others’ things. What is the opposite way? You should give your things. If you have such a habit, you will not die.