lifetime extension

 People have studied about prolonged lifespan.

Some scientists studying this may be interested in treatments of diseases such as an aging and cancer through gene repair or the transplantation of artificial organs or animal organs in the future, they ultimately predict that human life can be increased to infinity lifetime extension.

Nutritional supplements, skin care, hormone therapy, vitamins, and medicinal products that are believed to have anti-aging benefits have grown into profitable industries. However, the claims of those who support it are criticized extensively by many experts.

They do not know why people get stress and how they catch diseases.

All diseases come from minds. Even healthy people when they get stress for a long time, they get diseases. On the other hand, though one with a deadly illness, if they are in happy conditions, their diseases are cured. We have seen such cases a lot.

I have a high-performance medical device. I had a pain in my heart. So I tried to cure my heart for a long time. But it was not effective. Suddenly I had an idea. That was “all diseases start from the mind.” Pains in my heart came from my minds. After removing fear, a haste mind, anger, and tension in my mind using the device, I tried to cure the pain in my heart. It was effective.

People die after catching diseases. Before getting diseases, they had minds to cause diseases. Scientists did not know that there are minds to cause disease.

In fact, people are not happy because of their minds. Some people may think that there is a good mind and a bad mind. But in fact, all thoughts make people cause anguish. So monks do Tao to remove their all thoughts and to reach nirvana. But there was nobody who reached nirvana, in which people cannot die. Then why do we have the minds that bother and kill us? According to the Bible,

Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden, heaven, and died due to the Forbidden Fruit.

As Adam and Eve ate the Forbidden Fruit, which exists in their descendants like a  genetic law. Then what is the Forbidden Fruit in our bodies? The Bible says, “throw ‘I’ away all the time.” God said so because the ‘I’ is the mind of Satan. Also, the Buddhist scriptures write that if one reaches nirvana(selfless), they can liberate from birth, aging, diseases, and death. So a lot of people tried to remove their minds by doing Tao. But nobody succeeds. Because they did not know that the controlling spirit of humans is the spirit of Satan (death). In other words, until one completely eliminates the spirit of death, they can never get off the bridle of death. To completely remove the spirit of death, you must live a life on the contrary of what you want to live. Only if one completely lives a life against their desires, they can become immortal existences.