Spirit equal Soul equal Mind

I am always curious about what mind soul is like and what consciousness is also. I recommend an article explained it well for you. Hoping you understand the difference between mind and consciousness and soul.

What is the difference between mind and consciousness?


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  1. The essence of consciousness, soul and mind are not different each other. They are same but seems to have been earning different treatments.

    Those different perspectives are outputs from various viewpoints including religious, psychological, philosophical and universal sense. Hense, it would be too early to define right from wrong.

    However, adding another viewpoint to this article, mind, soul, spirit are the same thing what we call ‘thinking’ or ‘heart’. They are merely another name (nickname) of the same person. Depending on its quality or strength, the most powerful one has an indicator or tag of ‘soul’, and it leads or controls the person’s thinking, actions everything.

    Victor Cho’s teaching is all about the soul that has to be switched over to the Holy Spirit or the Heart of Buddha. Please visit http://www.victoryaltar.org/a-theory-of-immortality/ for extended information.

    1. I have been thinking about how “영혼” can be interpreted in English. Generally “영혼” means soul, but Victory Altar says “영혼” consists of “영” and “혼” and “영” is mind “혼” is consciousness of I. If so, readers will be really confused. They can’t understand exactly what mind is, what consciousness is and soul. What is more, they use these words interchangeably. Exact expression is required.

      1. Consciousness is the spiritual activity of the soul which is representing a person, while spirits are whose potential actors. One of the candidates come to be the main actor as it is the most powerful spirit in him or her.

        According to Victor Cho, the Holy Spirit would not sense not only others but also itself. Cho, eventually, conquered the state in the Secret Chamber before becoming a Victor. I understand the meaning of consciousness from Victor’s sermon like that.

        In my opinion, those three elements, actor, a pool of potential actors and its action is explaining our mind/thinking/heart mechanism quite clearly ever.

        1. Right. What i meant is how effectively we can explain those concepts to people. I don’t think they know what consciousness of I is. Maybe they can understand that it is ego after listening of its explanation. But ego is quite different from what Victor Cho said. He said that every soul of all human is evil spirit or Satan, that actors are Satan.
          Anyway We have difficulty in explaining those things. Let’s talk about later.

          1. Victor Cho already gave us clear concept about it, and I entirely agree. We have to maintain the key point to deal with many similar jargons that are products of thinking or spiritual activity.

            My point is whatever outcomes out of the mental actions; it would be still spiritual. Anyone can name it whatever they like, but the essence is always spiritual activity, which is spiritual, which is a spirit.

            For example, let’s think about consciousness, desire, remember, calculation, love, etc. None of them isn’t off the spiritual activity. And you don’t want to figure out the difference between desire and love, do you?

            In the world of ignorance, however, does put such efforts, and still in confusion.

          2. I have fully understood this issue, the unity of spirit and body, which is perfect truth. What i am saying Is about how to persuade people effectively. I think if we make them understand we should use terms or jargons they used to speak. So we must study hard something related to their.