(This man refers to the Victor of the Victory Altar.)

How to be spiritually awakened: Don’t be conscious of yourself

If you keep the Law of Liberty or the principle of salvation that Savior teaches, you never catch any diseases and die. It means removing all sins in your mind and body can give immortality. Any sins come out of the consciousness of ‘I’. Thus if you don’t be conscious of yourself, you will be free from any kinds of sin. If you do that, you are definitely sinners and are going to catch an illness. Those who don’t feel themselves totally have not any sickness, sins, and death. The saying “only when you reach to the level of without ego, you will be spiritually awakened” means to be completely free from any kind of sins. Since the consciousness of ‘I’ is the root of sin, not feeling myself is the stage of God.
Those who are not conscious of themselves have nothing to die because only if one has oneself there is something to die. Do you think so? The consciousness of ‘I’ is the root of death and the original sin(the Forbidden Fruits) in the Bible. Because Adam and Eve ate it, they end up with death. As people have the Forbidden Fruit or the consciousness of ‘I’, that let them commit sin and conceive desire. Therefore, when you eradicate the consciousness of ‘I’, you will be complete spiritually awakened.

Since This man told you to abolish your ego, you think you have to eradicate it, but it will be removed by unthinking of it because there is no room for it.
Do you know which spiritual level This man reaches at Milsil(密室)? It was on that stage that is not conscious of myself. I have never been conscious of myself a little. That is the secret of being spiritually awakened and becoming a God.

The True Religious Group is Where People do not have the consciousness of ‘I’(ego)

It is not a religion where believers have the consciousness of ‘I’. It is a religion that is a gathering of people who are not conscious of themselves. As only if one does not have the consciousness of ‘I’, they can become Gods and immortal beings, therefore, the group of Gods is a religious group. This man has been telling that there is no true religion in the world ever. What He meant is that religious group is not the place where people who do not attain a state of selflessness gather but the place where people are selfless. In other words, the religious group is where Gods attend and pray. That’s why I have been speaking that religion is in God.

While being trained at Milsil, This man had been struggling to defeat Himself though, whatever effort He made, staying awake all night, eventually He failed to defeat Himself. No matter how hard He prayed, the Victress Eve told Him that He did not pray. Finally, This man realized that ‘I’ am the Satan or enemy against God. That’s why This man tried hard not to be conscious of Himself.
That’s why when the son of the Victress Eve hit This man on the cheek with his fist, This man said to Himself that “appreciate God for letting Him pass the test that He cannot defeat of”. Can This man win if He thought that ‘I’ took a hit? No, it is impossible to win. Since He did not have ‘I’, only God accompanied Him, the son of the Victress Eve did not hit not This man but God, so He actually became a Victor. The Victor is the one who overcame Satan not because He withstood for a long time but he actually beat ego, Satan. That’s because what This man says is truly the way to be God. Is there a religion like this? That’s why This man has been saying there is no religion and science in history. It’s not science what ego has known, which is Satan’s science. So only if one becomes a God, there is science in God, and only if one becomes a God, there is a religion in God.

In the future, people will be changed into physically 17-year-old men and women

This Man speaks not to tell a lie but the truth with the principle of the Law of Liberty. Thus the more you hear it, the more you recognize This man is the true Savior. Can you see the fact that This man’s saying is that no one can speak if he is not a Savior?

The Victory Altar is the place where the Savior raises righteous persons or Gods. This Man completely teaches you how to get rid of your ego. I show the way not to be conscious of yourself? Feeling yourself makes you lose in fighting against Satan. It means Satan occupied and won me. Only if you have to demolish Satan, you become Gods. It has nothing to do with immortality if you don’t become Gods. You understand?

Are there any pastors in Christianity who preach like this? No, there are not. Actually, this is a wisdom of God. Nobody can know and say this saying of wisdom. Only God tells it. If you are not conscious of yourself, you don’t catch any diseases. Despite you don’t have any diseases, when you think you seem sick and go see the doctor, it means you have an illness. There is no illness in me as I have no demons in me due to not being conscious of myself. One gets ill when the devil is in consciousness, but when the consciousness has gone, the body does not get sick and don’t get old. As ‘I’ exists in you, you grow old. As ‘I’ keep getting old in you, you keep getting wrinkled and getting old. You can’t get wrinkles without ‘I’. You become young.
So women become very pretty ladies. So I’m afraid they’ll marry someone. You’ll die when you get married. Do you understand?
So, if you’re not conscious of yourself, as there’s nothing for yourself, even if you’re 500 years old, and you don’t know if you’re 500 or 15 years old. The Spiritual Mother(영모님) said you’ll be physically 17 years old by then, right? You are going to turn into physically 17 years old, right? That’s not what a human was talking about. This is what God said in Him. Because it’s what God said, that comes true. You will be changed 17 years old. When men turn 17 years old, they don’t feel sluggish and move fast. And when you’re young, you realize that the words of the Savior are the words of truth. Do you understand?

Laughing clears blood

Everyone, This man always told you to laugh, right? To laugh is a God’s heart. You didn’t know that the heart of happy laughter is a God’s heart, did you? Laughing makes your blood clean. And it clears the blood and biotron(life) will generate in it. As the number of biotron(life) increases, people become young without knowing it. After laughing, you can feel your body getting lighter. A human mind affects the blood. Laughter makes your blood clear. Older people usually have thrombosis in their blood. If blood clots increase blood pressure because it blocks blood vessels. Laughing removes blood clots naturally. Blood pressure drops as the blood clot disappears. Try to measure your blood pressure after a good laugh. It goes down. Because This man has the spirit of God, many of the doctors are in me. So, you have to laugh all the time. You should always laugh, right? That’s how you’ll live forever. So we have to make sure that there are no people who die among the believers of the Victory Altar. If you laugh all the time, you won’t die.*
– Extracted from the sermon of the Victor Cho Hee Sung of the Victory Altar on Jan 3rd, 2003