Only if one lives an opposite life of what they want to live, their blood does not decay

(This man refers to the Victor of the Victory Altar.)

People do not know why they die. However, This man knew about the reason of their death. When This man was trained in the Secret Chamber, He found why people die. The reason of human death is their ego, that is, as the thought based on greeds moves, the blood gradually turns into devil blood, rots and eventually ends its life. If one’s mind is moved and their thought is controlled by one’s ego, their blood decays quickly. However, people do not know that fact. However, This man realized the fact when He was trained in the Secret Chamber.

One does not die only if they live a life on the contrary of what they want to live

So This man lived an opposite life in order to practice not to die. There was a man who hated and was jealous of This man all the time. So This man got angry. The anger comes from ego, not from conscience that is the spirit of God. This man loved that man though he hated Him. In fact, humans cannot practice that. Only crazy person loves people who hate them. But This man did not think those kinds of persons were crazy. There was a man who hated This man, was jealous of him, bullied him if there was a chance, let him work a lot, and made a false report about This man to the Eve Victress, and she blamed This man. No matter how badly she scolds This man, This man only said, “It’s my fault, forgive me.” This man has never spoken back, “ I did not do that or did not say that.” In the world, when children talk back to adults, they blame those children. That is the law of heaven. No matter how much you have not done wrong, if seniors scold you, apologizing that you did wrong means respecting their dignity. That is a manner for seniors. No matter how much that man made a false report to the Victress Eve, as This man admitted it, and it became a habit that he could do for some years.
Although that man has plotted for several years, This man kept going consistently without the shaking of faith, the heavenly person admitted This man.

Walking back is a kind of an opposite life

The motivation that This man did that is because he knew only if one lives an opposite life, Satan in their blood dies and their blood is changed. In order to experience that only an opposite life changes the blood, walk back in the room or on the playground. If you walk back for a month, your body will be light. Walking back is a kind of an opposite life. A doctor said to a man who has  backache and arthritis, “Walking backward will cure his disease.” The doctor said about only healing backache or arthritis, but he did not know the change of blood. As the blood is changed, a backache and arthritis are cured.

So if one continues an opposite life, their blood is changed and humans blood is turned into that of God. So humans become Gods. Only if one becomes God, they can live forever. Only if one becomes God, they can go to heaven. The way of becoming God is an opposite life. An opposite life of one’s mind, that is, if one loves honestly a hateful man, their blood is changed. Therefore, not to die, if you live a life with an opposite mind, that is, if you do what you do not want to work, your blood is changed. And human blood is changed into that of God. If your blood is turned into that of God, your body is changed into that of God. If your body is changed into that of God, you are supposed to live forever.

The advanced theory that only the Savior knows

This is an advanced theory. The Savior speaks about an advanced science that today’s scientists do not know. So the Savior is almighty. The man who has nothing that he does not know and has nothing that he cannot do is the Savior. Everyone, This man has kept typhoons from coming toward Korea for 24 years, removed communism, prevented the summer rainy seasons, made Korean harvests abundant, and stopped a Korean war since 1981. Those have been accomplished by not magics but His power. Since This man became a Victor by living an opposite life continually, there is nobody who knows better than This man on the earth. If one lives an opposite life once, the grace of God comes. As the grace of God comes, the blood of man gradually turns into the blood of God and becomes the body of God. So if you all turn into God’s body, you will become Gods. If you live such a life that you truly love and honor a hateful person, your blood will be changed.
Then the diseases in your body will disappear by the blood is changed. You should feel it through an experience. If you do not feel it by an experience, you do not have to come to the Victory Altar. Only if one feels that experience, communion between God and them is accomplished, God is always with them. To love a hateful person is impossible for humans.
It cannot be practiced. No matter how much you try to make an effort, at any moment, you stare at the hateful man and you hate the man naturally. That is just the way humans are. As humans’ controlling spirit is Satan, which controls their thoughts, they are supposed to hate a hateful person and love a favorable man.

A sacrificial life or an opposite life

However, when one lives an opposite life and changes a hateful mind into a loving mind, the spirit is the clean spirit of God. Therefore, in order for humans to be completely changed into God, living an opposite life is necessary.
Since humans have the spirit of greed, the spirit of their greed controls them. Therefore, in order to have a sacrificial spirit, one should live a sacrificial life. Even if you have money, you always think that God gives you money and you have to offer God that money. That is a sacrificial life. Although you have a lot of money, helping poor people is not a good life. In the world, that life is beautiful and good. However, only God gives you money, poor people do not give you money. Therefore, you should give that money not to poor people but to God. Only if you return to God, God will bless more, then you will live better. He was never treated to meals by someone.
So This man lives a giving life all the time. It’s the same now. In fact, living such an opposite life is not very difficult but impossible. When one practices an impossible thing, they are supposed to become Gods.