People say, “If they die, their spirits leave their bodies.” They hold religious rituals in order to send the spirit of the dead to a good place, but it’s all wrong. If one dies, their spirits die. As one’s spirit dies, their bodies die. This man speaks of it with a scientific basis. It is written in the Bible that man’s life is just blood,  scientists also say so. If one has a car accident and bleeds a lot, they die. Because their life pours out, they die.  Blood itself is life. Blood itself is the heart. Blood influences the heart.  A person with a blood type A is meticulous. A person with a blood type B is sociable. Additionally, people with a blood type AB is changeable. But the personality of the person with blood type O is stubborn and radical. That’s proof that blood itself is the heart.

The Spirit of Satan Kills the Spirit of God

That’s why there is a saying, “the source of life is in your heart” in Proverbs 4:23. It means life is in the heart. Conscience itself is life. Conscience itself is the Spirit of God. That is why conscience itself is human spirit. As conscience is formed as blood, if one bleeds a lot, they will die. As conscience disappears, the spirit of conscience is the spirit of man, Satan kills the spirit of God. If Satan kills the spirit of God in man, and the man dies. But people do not know this and say that spirit leaves dead bodies. Spirit does not leave. The spirits of the dead are in their children.
When a parent gives birth to a child, the child is created and comes out of his mother’s womb in 9 months. The child is made of his mother ‘s blood and father’ s blood. Because the child is made of the blood of their parents, his parents’ spirits live in their children. What you live means your parents’ spirit live.  Although one’s parents are dead, their parents’ spirits live in them. Even though my grandfather and grandmother died, the spirits of my grandfather and grandmother live in their grandson. Saying like this scientifically is a learning.
This is the word of truth and a true learning. All dead people are in living people. So if living people achieve immortality, all their ancestors are expected to have eternal life. The followers of the Victory Altar are filial sons among filial sons. The spirits of the ancestors in you eagerly want you to go to the Victory Altar diligently and become Gods.

You should arm with gratitude

You have to be grateful in order not fall into the temptation of Satan. Always thank God! You should be thankful because God exists, you are living. As God is with you, you live. So thank for walking down the road! Thank for eating meals! Thank for sleeping! Thank for taking a shower. Thank for meeting brothers. Thank for meeting whomever.
If one lives with gratitude, there is no hole for Satan to penetrate. Because of those who are grateful for everything, they are always happy. As they are joyful, their blood will become clean. If one laughs, endorphin comes out and kills germs. So diseases can be cured. Laughing people do not die. A laughing heart is that of God, a laughing heart is a strong heart that Satan cannot come into.
Having a grateful heart, one can laugh. If one does not have gratitude, they cannot laugh. Those persons who appreciate do not have hardening faces. Those who are thankful are expected to laugh all the time.

One feels grateful through evangelizing

So one should live a grateful life. In order to do that, one should propagate. If one evangelizes every day, they will receive the grace of God, then appreciation will come out by itself. So the person who evangelizes is always wearing a smile on his face. So if one wants to laugh, they should propagate. If you do evangelism, a thankful heart comes out. As not I evangelize well, but God evangelize for me, a person is evangelized. That is, people are always blessed when they give thanks God. God blesses those who give gratitude.

The Life of Giving the Truth: Propagating

Propagating itself is a giving life.  That is the life of resembling God. God always loves to give because he is a sacrificial God. Therefore, if you, the children of God, throw this truth to many people, it is a reward from God. Living a giving life like that, gratitude to God comes out by itself. Because you are happy and joyful, there is no time for illness to come in and there is no mistake.
Only if one always has a stable mind, they will not make mistakes. If the mind of a person is not stable, there is a worry or an anxiety, or if the mind is depressed, the person will make a mistake and commit a crime. Because one commits a crime, their blood will rot, and they will die. The blood of life decays. The blood of Satan does not decay.

If one’s blood decays, their life power will become weak

If the blood of life decays, the life of a man becomes weak gradually. So the weakness of resistance means that the vitality weakens. In order for vitality to become strong, one should receive the grace of God. In order to receive the grace of God, one should live a thankful life and a giving life. So they can receive the power of life from God. Only if one achieves eternal life, you can become God. That is Tao. Sitting and praying is not Tao. Doing Tao is trying to change one’s mind into the heart of God. In order for one to have the heart of God, one should be thankful and laugh all the time. Such a person respects whomever all the time.   The heart of God regards me as the lowest man and serves others as his senior.*
(This man refers to the Victor of the Victory Altar.)