Friend or teacher?

Sometimes a hostile person is better than a close friend. A friend tolerates my mistakes, but a hostile person always points out my shortcomings and makes me nervous. “Be glad when others slander and swear at me, and grieve when you praise – Tolstoy”.  The accusation leads me to politeness and becomes my own antidote – a remedy that stops or controls the effects of a poison. Followings are in the same context. “The phrase that the person who speaks my merits is the one who hurts me”.  “The one who holds opposition and criticism and talks about my weakness is my teacher”.


A private equity fund KKR founder,  Henry Kravis told his option. “I want one who speaks precisely and unreservedly what he thinks is, which I do not even want to hear. ” Professor Peter Drucker said, “Leaders do not make good decisions when they are praised. It is a tremendous danger that any decision will be made without opposite opinions. Encouraging dissent rather than positive opinion is a basic condition for good decision-making.”

KBS Radio has a program called ‘Empathy Discussion’. It means to understand and enter into another’s feelings. People in the program diagnose problems that have become a hot topic in the society of the week. Those show hosts listen to their thoughts through discussions, invite experts who are in opposition to each other and let listeners make judgments. Thus, listeners can participate in the discussions sending their opinions through text messages.

Listen to opposite opinion

A good medicine tastes bitter and a bad one sweet.Korean idiom
When one presents the problem, hears ideas about the problem, and cast the opposite opinions. Then the opposition has chance to speak their opinions. When a discussion is held by other people at a general meeting, if an opponent refutes the opinion of the other speaker, the self-esteem is overridden and the other person’s speech is interrupted. The sympathetic discussion is that if the host specifies the answerer, then he or she will say his opinion

When dealing with political themes, even though there is a lot of criticism in the eyes of both parties, the cast members fiercely fight against each other’s claims. But never attack the personality of the other party. I do not blame myself for saying that I think about the problem that is the subject of the debate, but forcing me or thinking the other person wrong. The attitude of the audience’s high-level debate, which respects their own thoughts and others, makes the listeners happy. Most of all, the person who creates a healthy discussion culture is trustworthy.

Criticism helps

Criticism is unpleasant, but it plays a big role in making the right decisions. Therefore, a person who has strong passion and confidence for success should rather use criticism rather than praise. You should be able to show a very kind gratitude to those who point out disadvantages so that others can comfortably point out my shortcomings. Opposition and criticism are best gifts.

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