Scorching heatwaves triggering wildfires in Turkey and Greece and flash floods in Germany and Belgium amid the corona pandemic are causing many concerns about our Future. Many experts on global warming said it’s because climate change may affect the ecosystem of the Earth.

However, Tan-Ho, a notable Korean monk who was an interpreter and commentator of Buddhist Script “Avatamsaka Sutra(The Flower Garland Sutra)” claimed that heat energy within the Earth moved to the North Pole and has been melting the ice sheets according to his book “If Buddha lives”. He became very popular after predicting a few incidents to happen. He foretold the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950 and moved to another safe temple, and with only watching Park’s photo he predicted the death of a former President Park Jung Hee. In this context, I have to say the similarity between his prediction and my church founder’s word.

Victor Christ Cho who established Victory Altar in 1981, insisted that global warming was caused by not mass carbon dioxide emission but God’s spirit within the Earth. Victory Altar Founder said that God remains trapped in the Earth by the devil and has been trying to get out of the devil’s control since 1980, the advent of Messiah. According to his sermon: God is light containing enormous heat. That’s why such strong heat keeps warming the Earth. Thus many difficulties including Covid 19, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions will happen in the future frequently.