Now, we live comfortably owing to the benefits of a highly developed mechanistic civilization. But, we are still not happy. We still feel as oppressed as before.

Although it has become more convenient, life is not comfortable. Even though we can travel fast, the mind is not inspired. Though we associate with others, we feel lonely. Though we take this or that, we are never satisfied. Modern life seems to be driving us into a suffocating corner. Unpredictable wars, population explosions, despoiled nature, degenerating morals in society, acute egoism, dehumanization, frequent natural disasters, peace will not come, although we fight at risk of our lives. Where is Earth heading?

We expected that science might bring human happiness and world peace through supreme material affluence and convenience. But, science has only left us many insoluble problems. Now, it is becoming clear that science, which brings material affluence and physical conveniences, cannot give us eternal happiness and stability. Now, we cannot solve the modern human crisis through revolution or materialistic civilization.

If this is so, what should we do? We must not develop the external materialistic world any more, but check ourselves fundamentally. First of all, we must know ourselves accurately, and then we ourselves must change through practicing right according to correct standards of judgement. All the problems and their solutions exist only in human beings themselves.

When we attain self-perfection and become immortal, all these problems will be solved eternally and perfectly.

Therefore, the definition of salvation is the attainment of man’s self-perfection and immortality. So long as man does not achieve self-perfection and immortality, man can never be eternally happy. Because man was originally an immortal and perfect being, God. We can learn this fact from the Bible. Man’s first ancestors, Adam and Eve, were immortal, before they ate the Forbidden Fruit. Let’s see the difference between “before and after” their eating of the Forbidden Fruit. After having eaten the Forbidden Fruit, God said to Adam and Eve, “To the woman, He said, ‘I will greatly increase your pregnancy-troubles: you shall suffer birth-pangs.’ And to Adam, He said, ‘Because you have yielded to your wife’s suggestion and have eaten from the tree concerning which I gave you the order, ‘Do not eat of it’, cursed is the soil on your account; by toil you shall eat from it all your life. Thorns and thistles it shall grow for you and you must eat herbs of the field. By the sweat of your brow you must make a living until you return to the ground, because out of it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you shall return’”(Genesis 3:16-19).

From these facts, we can deduce the wages of sin are as follows; First, from that time man has borne children. Second, from that time man has had to work to survive. Third, from that time, man has fallen into becoming a mortal being.

In other words, if Adam and Eve had not eaten the Forbidden Fruit, they would not have needed to give birth to children, work, nor die. What is most noticeable is that, eating the Forbidden Fruit, meant the beginning of man’s unhappiness.

Meanwhile, Adam and Eve lived in paradise, the Kingdom of God. Heaven is the land of God. Only God can live in Heaven. Therefore, Adam and Eve were God. God, Adam and Eve formed the Trinity, not God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, God ate the Forbidden Fruit(in fact, God was eaten by the Forbidden Fruit, that is, Satan) and degraded to becoming a mortal being, man. So, salvation means man’s recovering God’s original features and power, that is, self-perfection, immortality, omnipotence and omniscience.

The Subject of Salvation

The subject to be saved is not “I”, but God. God’s kingdom is not where the sinner, “I”, can enter, but where only God can live. Because “I” am a sinner and Satan, “I” never can have salvation. Therefore, it is nonsense to say that “I” can obtain salvation through the holy blood of Jesus. Because He did not know what sin was, what the Forbidden Fruit was, what Satan was, Jesus made such an ignorant speech about salvation. Only God can have salvation and everlasting life(Jeremiah 10:10, 1 Timothy 6:16). It is thanks to the spirit of life that man is alive(Numbers 27:16). The spirit of life is “Conscience”. But the spirit of life, Conscience, is locked up in the spiritual prison named “Self-Awareness”. This is the actual state of all mankind. All of mankind are God imprisoned in the spiritual prison of Satan, as it were. But, when the spirit of life, Conscience, is released, man becomes God again, and gains salvation(1 Peter 1:23). This is true resurrection.

By the way, the Kingdom of Heaven is not a place, but exists in one’s heart(Luke 17:21). Therefore, the dead never can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because their hearts perish, too, with bodily death. Only the living deserve to come into Paradise, because they have hearts in which lie the Kingdom of God. As the Bible has it, God is not the God of the dead, but the God of the living(Luke 20:38, Numbers 16:22).

The Secrets of Salvation

1) Getting rid of Sin, Death

All mankind dies as the wages of sin(Romans 6:23). As the Bible has it, everyone dies for his own sins(Jeremiah 31:30), and sin, when it reaches maturity, produces death(James 1:15), and death entered the world through sin, and so passed on to all persons, in that all had sinned(Romans 5:2). On one hand, Satan is the agent who wields the power of death(Hebrews 2:14) and sin is king in the mortal body(Romans 6:12), which reigns in death(Romans 5:21). So, sin and Satan are the same thing.

As far as salvation is concerned, man must get rid of the sin, Satan, the cause of death. By the way, the source of sinful desire is Self-Awareness. It is well known to us that Self-Awareness is the spirit of desire. So, the Bible says that the heart is deceitful above all things(Jeremiah 17:9), and the wicked things come from a man’s heart(Mark 7:23). Self-Awareness is original sin, Satan, the Forbidden Fruit. Now, self is sin itself, so we are on the horns of a dilemma. Because sin begets only sin, all our selfish activities become sins. We are like a squirrel in the frame of a sieve. So, the Bible says: “Keep in union with God”(1 John 2:27). This word means that we must be led by God. Man cannot get rid of sins. Only God, the Victor who overcame Death, Satan, can get rid of sin, the cause of death.

2) Eating the Fruit of Life

The power of salvation lies in the Fruit of Life. As the Bible has it, anyone who eats the Fruit of Life will never die(Genesis 3:22). The Fruit of Life is God’s Heart that overcomes Death, Satan, and the Self-Awareness of “I”. When man has God’s Heart, he cannot ever die. So the righteous live eternally, the wages of the Good Heart(Matthew 25:46). The Hidden Manna is the Fruit of Life. The Hidden Manna comes down to the Victor on the day of the Lord(Revelation 2:17). Therefore, the Hidden Manna is the elixir of Life, the Fruit of Life. And now, the one who has the Fruit of Life and the Hidden Manna is the Victor(Revelation 2:7, 2:17). His Heart, which has overcome the spirit of death(=Satan) is the Fruit of Life and the Hidden Manna. Therefore, only the Victor can give mankind the Fruit of Life and the Hidden Manna.

As the Bible has it, God said that he would be in Israel(the Victor)(Hosea 14:5) and pour out His Spirit on all people(Joel 2:28). This means that Israel, the Victor, is God, and God is the Victor. On this, for the Advent of the Victor,