If we could live longer and cure any disease with only a drink of water, everybody would want to get it. We call it the Fountain of Youth. They say the first record of the Fountain of Youth is in a book by Herodotus. He was a man back in the year 500 BC, and as such we can assume that people had dreamed of immortality before the 5th century BC because oral traditions tended to predate written forms in our earliest history. We can find a lot of different versions of the stories of the Fountain of Youth or similarly the Elixir of Life from many different countries. The Bible is no exception. According to the Bible, Adam, Noah, and many people lived more than 900 years, especially Mutheselar who lived up to 969 years and was the oldest man in the world. Moreover, the Bible stated that humans could live forever if they ate the fruit of the Tree of Life. Meanwhile, we know that a few heroes, like Gilgamesh, Alexander the Great, and the Chinese Emporer Zin, tried to find it and failed. Like the above examples, I can assume that many people don’t want to die, and that immortality must be one of their dreams and desires.