Most people think of man’s aging and death as a natural process. But, if we regard them as only a natural process, many problems will occur. If man’s aging and death were really natural and necessary, there would be no reason for the man to fear them. But, no one likes to grow old and die, without exception. There is another problem for this. If man’s aging and death proceed in proportion to the natural mechanism of time flow, all people should grow old at the same rate, and they should die at the same age. What is the theory of death?

This is a very reasonable deduction. However, there are many cases of young people looking old and old people looking young. The individual differences between growing old and the span of life lie in the evidence that man’s senility and death is not a natural phenomenon.

Then, what is the cause of man’s death? Many people have tried to find out. But there has been no exact answer for man’s eventual death so far.

But, the Great Victor, Cho, presents us with the cause of death.

Human grow old and die because of blood oxygenation that his mind affects

The theory of Death

Men grow old and die because men act according to conscienceless desires. Everyone has both a conscience-full(the good) and conscience-less(evil) mind, and the conscience-less mind is the cause of death. The conscienceless mind is the self-centered mind, that is, desire. On the contrary, conscience is a self-sacrificing spirit. So far, everyone has died, because no one removed the cause of death, that is, ego.

The average life-span of man’s cells is 8 years. New cells are formed every 8 years. If this is so, why do men grow old? The cells get their supply of energy from the blood, and the blood turns into cells. However, if a man acts from selfish motives, his blood decays. The phenomenon whereby blood decays is expressed medically as the oxygenation of blood. As blood decays, new cells cannot be formed.

So men grow old and, at last, reach death. The actual cause of death is not related to the passage of time, but the state of mind. Korea has a proverb stating that, if we laugh once, we become young once; if we become angry once, we grow old once.

Shockingly, self-awareness(Ego) is the cause of death. We can confirm this fact in the Bible, too. The Bible says; “Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death”(James 1:15).

This meaning is that the cause of death is the sin, and sin is actual desire. Here, desire does not come from the external world, but from within. It is “I” who has the desire. So, the ultimate cause of death is actual “self-awareness”.

For this reason, the Bible says, “Throw away yourself all the time” and “Act in God”. In Buddhism, when a man goes into a state of complete absence of ego, man can attain spiritual enlightenment.

1) As you desire, so your Blood decays.

The thought is a function of blood. They correlate closely. Therefore, blood changes according to thoughts. For example, if you desire, then your blood decays.

This is not an idle fancy or a fantastic fiction. It is rather a scientific truth. When you eat with greed, you feel indigestion. If you eat when you feel hurt, you suffer from indigestion. This is what we call “the stomach-staggers”.

The stomach-staggers result from desire and greed. If you eat greedily, then your blood decays. If your blood decays, then the decayed blood blocks up the capillary blood vessels to the stomach. When the capillary blood-vessels are blocked up, then the stomach is convulsed with the interruption of blood and stops working. This is the so-called stomach-staggers.

Therefore, the original cause of indigestion or stomach-staggers lies not in overeating or hasty eating, but in desire and greed. In fact, overeating or hasty eating is due to desire and greed. But most people think that the stomach-staggers are due to overeating or hasty eating. Even medical doctors think so, and say, “Boy, do not eat so much at one time.”

An example shows mind affects blood

As we have seen above, however, such prescription is nonsense. As is often the case, man can happen to have stomach-staggers even though he does not overeat. This is the case with a man who feels hurt in eating. Feeling hurt is also due to desire or greed.

Because he has these, man feels hurt. If he does not have desire or greed at all, he will not feel hurt or get angry at all. Therefore, it is obvious that the cause of stomach-staggers or indigestion is desire and greed.

Now, Chinese herb doctors cure the patient of his stomach-staggers by pricking the tip of the fingers or around the fingernails with a needle.

Because the nerves of the fingers are linked to those of the stomach, when the nerves of the fingers are stimulated, the nerves of the stomach excite and open the closed blood-vessels to the stomach. Then, the patient gets over his stomach-staggers or indigestion, by shedding the decayed black blood.

Evil Heart itself is the originator of the decay of human blood. Care or Anxiety is also fruit of desire

Anxiety is the worst desire

On the other hand, when you are troubled or anxious, your blood decays also. Strictly speaking, care or anxiety is a kind of desire. Care or anxiety is a state of mind in which one is trying to do or possess something in accordance with one’s own desire. That is to say, care or anxiety is the worst desire of all.

Therefore, when you are worrying and anxious, freckles or moles appear on your face. These freckles and moles are due to the decayed blood accumulated in the capillary blood-vessels on your face. So, the more you worry and are anxious, the more freckles and moles appear on your face. Therefore, desire and anxiety are the main agents which make human blood rotten.

As blood is life(Genesis 9:4), decay of blood means decay of life, and this is the sin of sins, for the destruction of life is the sin of sins. But, desire and anxiety are not the only destroyers that decay the blood. There are many agents besides. For example, anger, hatred, disgust, agony, pain, sorrow, sexual desire, all the passions of man, are main culprits.

Therefore, we can say that an Evil Heart itself is the originator of the decay of human blood.

2) As Blood decays, so the Cells die

All cells are in a cycle of life and death. The life-span of a cell is about 8 years. A cell dies in 8 years and a new cell is formed from blood.

If the blood, however, has become rotten, new cells are not formed well. Furthermore, if the blood is rotten, the newly-formed cells are also unhealthy cells. If the blood is 10 percentage rotten, then as many cells cannot be formed. Only 90 percentage of normal cells are made. If 20 percentage, then 80 percentage, if 30 percentage, then 70 percentage. In short, new cells are formed in inverse proportion to the decay of blood.

What is worse, as the cells diminish in number, all the organs of the human body weaken. They work feebly. The stomach, the pump, the brain, the eyes, the ears, none work fully. That is to say, the organ works in proportion to the production rate of new cells.

Now, the older man grows, the more his blood decays. This is because of his desires. Because he has been desirous and greedy all his life, his blood decays by degrees as he grows older. Furthermore, blood and cells are in feedback from and with each other. Unsound cells formed from decayed blood bear impure blood, and this impure blood gives birth to unhealthy cells.

Therefore, as a man grows older, the cells of his flesh, bones and all organs diminish in number, due to the decay of his blood. If his blood has decayed a lot, new cells are not made perfectly and his body falls short of normal cells. From this, he comes to have many wrinkles all over his body.

Now that the reason for growing old is clearly revealed, we cannot use such expressions as man grows old because of age or time and tide. The exact expression to be used is as the following: “Man grows old not because of age, but because of desire.”

3)Microbes breed in rotten Blood

Man cannot be infected by microbes outside the human body. The microbes outside the body cannot come and live in the body.

The state of the human body is very different from that of the environment. For example, temperature, saltiness, chemical components, living conditions and so on.

Therefore, microbes outside the human body cannot live in it, as freshwater fish cannot live in the salty sea. But, most people, including even medical doctors, believe that men are infected with microbes or viruses living in cesspool-like conditions.

This reveals where modern medical science lies. It looks as if only darkness is ruling all over the world.

But, Light has begun to shine in the darkness. According to Him, a pathogenic organ is just a human body.

When the blood has decayed a lot owing to desire, microbes breed in the rotten blood, and these breeding microbes gnaw at the organs of the human body.

As for infection, noxious insects, such as flies or mosquitos, infect the man with microbes bred in another man’s blood. Therefore, the course of infection is through contact between men.

But, if a man infected with a virus has pure blood, the trespassing virus will be killed at once by leukocytes. If not, he will fall ill and die in the long run.

On the other hand, a noxious hormone begins to be secreted from the age of puberty, and it kills the cells one by one. But no physiological scientist knows why this noxious hormone circulates. They merely say that if it is removed, man can live far longer.

To tell the truth, the secretion of the noxious hormone is due to sexual desire. As the boy grows up, sexual desire increases, and it fights against the soul(1 Peter 2:11).

4)The vicious circle of decay

People say that spirit is one thing and the matter is another. But this is not true. They are, rather, one.

The spirit just matters, and the matter is the actual spirit. Therefore, spirit and body interact intimately.

An evil heart makes the blood decay, and this decayed blood forms unsound cells, and these unsound cells make the body mortal, and the mortal body produces an evil heart, and the evil heart makes the blood rotten, and the rotten blood yields microbes or viruses, and the microbes or the viruses cause man to die.

Therefore, it is not because of time and tide, but because of an evil heart, that man dies.

Now that we know the agent of death, we can overcome that death which is active in us.gly, all sinners belong to Satan and are Satan.