Knowing the theory of mortality we can explain the theory of immortality. God is immortal and Satan is mortal. Adam and Eve, our first parents, were immortals in the beginning, for they were created in the image of God(Genesis 1;27). Since becoming possessed by Satan, however, they lost their immortality and died after all. What is more, their mortality became a heritage. That is to say, their descendants succeeded in their mortality.

This is what is called “Original Sin”. So, the whole of mankind became the slaves of Satan, the father of death. The man has continued to die generation after generation, for six thousand years. Even now, mortality still runs in the human blood. All human beings have the hope of immortality and happiness. This suggests that our first parents lived originally in the possession of immortality and happiness.

These days, however, no one knows why man dies, what the secret of immortal life is, and whether there is a way to everlasting life or not.

Most people, rather take death for granted and die after all in the midst of sorrow, pain, and unhappiness. This is a terrible tragedy. This tragedy has been repeating itself for six thousand years. But the miserable circle of death has come to an end in the long run because the door of salvation and immortality has opened.

Now that the science of immortality has come, all mankind can come to enjoy immortal and happy life. The tide of immortality is spreading all over the world. The perishable does not perishable does not die, and the fragile does not break.

1) The Heart is the Product of Blood

People do not know the relationship between thinking and blood. They believe that thinking is one thing, and blood is another. But this is not true at all. To tell the truth, thinking is just the product of the blood. They interact intimately. On this, we can see many idioms suggesting the interrelation between thinking or heart and blood. For example, “to get one’s blood up”, “to make bad blood”, “to make one’s blood boil”, “to make one’s blood run cold”, “blood in one’s eye”, “in cold blood”, “in hot blood”, and so on. All these idioms demonstrate that the heart is the product of blood. Well, because blood and thought to interact intimately, Adam’s and Eve’s blood changed from God’s into Satan’s when they were possessed by the Evil Heart, Satan. On this account, they died after all.

But we can think of the contrary process. If Adam’s and Eve’s blood changed into Satan’s owing to their Evil Heart, Satan’s blood can be changed into God’s thanks to a Good Heart. That is to say, the mind which we have now is the sum of the working of the blood and the results of the experience of our ancestors of our ancestors. If man’s heart changes into God’s, his blood will change into God’s likewise. What is more, his body will also change into God’s image. This is precisely the secret of rebirth and eternal life.

2) As you think, so your Cells are formed

As a man is transformed by the renewal of his heart(Romans 12:2), his blood changes, and the cells of his body are newly formed, and his flesh, bones, and body are molded into a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17), for blood and heart interact with each other.

If a conceived woman loves her husband with her whole heart, she will bear a baby resembling its father. If she is very selfish and loves only herself, she will bear a baby resembling herself. On the other hand, if a pregnant woman loves another man, she will bear a strange baby. For example, if a pregnant woman likes movies star enthusiastically, she will never fail to bear a baby resembling that star. These facts demonstrate the truth that, as a man thinks, so his blood changes and his cells are newly formed, and his body is molded a new creation. This is the very essence of the science of immortality.

brain cells also regenerated

Meanwhile, a canary was studied by some physiologists at Rockefeller University, America, a few years ago. They investigated its brain cells changing in number according to the four seasons. They found that a canary’s song-center brain-cells diminished in number by degrees according to the shift of season from spring to winter. The song-center brain-cells were dense in spring when the bird sang merrily.

On the other hand, they were few in winter, when it didn’t sing.

Referring to the canary, the physiologists pronounced a theory that for the human being, about 20,000 brain- cells were in a cycle of death and birth every day. They said that the brain-cells in need were newly formed again, but the good-for-nothing cells went on dying. This theory also supports the truth that the soul and body are one, and that the cells of the body are newly formed according to one’s thoughts. As for the theory of immortality, however, even the physiologists were totally unaware of it. The problem was that they took death for death for granted like all men do.

3) An immortal body in an immortal heart

God is immortal, the Spirit of life and the eternal king (Jeremiah 10;10), only God is immortal and lives eternally (Romans 6;16). Therefore, if man assumed a new nature that is created in God’s likeness in genuine righteousness and holiness (Ephesians 4;24), he will never die. As the Bible has it, only the righteous come man so as to come to eternal life.

Meanwhile, the righteous man is who so as to come to eternal life.

Meanwhile, the righteous man is he who does not commit sin, and he who does not commit sin is he who has been born of God (1 John 3;9), and he who has been born of God is the child of God, and God’s child is God. Accordingly, “ there is none righteous, not even one. Only God is righteous” (Romans 3;10). Therefore, one must become God so the obtain immortality. Unless man becomes God again as he was in the beginning, he can never attain immortal life. To become God is to be born again through the Holy Spirit (John3;5). When a man possesses God’s Heart, his blood changes into God’s, and his cells into God’s and his body into the image of God. After all, he assumes a new nature that is created in God’s likeness and becomes God.

about God’s heart

God’s Heart is not a mind discriminating positive from negative, male from female, rich from poor, righteous from non-righteous.

God’s heart is rather the mind of non-discrimination and the mind of perfection (Matthew 5;48). Always, His Heart overflows with love, mercy, peace, and joy. Therefore, when a man possesses God’s Heart, his blood does not decay at all. It becomes more and purer. The cells of his body do not become damaged, they rather become healthy. His body does not perish, it becomes, rather, perfection and immortality. In short, he becomes a righteous man without defect, that is, God.

4) As Man thinks, so his Blood changes

It is often said, “One is true to one’s shape.” This means that each man acts just in accordance with his appearance. If a woman has a fox-shaped face, she acts just like a fox. A man who looks like a swindler never fails to be a quack. An innocent-looking man is surely a man of pure and honest mind. A foolish-looking man is a fool. So we often ask, “How did he strike you?” and answer, “He impressed me unfavorably upon our first meeting.” There is something disagreeable about him, or, I was favorably impressed by his appearance. If one has agreeable features, he must be a good person. So, when we are interviewed for employment in a company, attractive features are included in the hiring requirements.

As we have seen so far, the mind is blood, and cells are formed of blood. If a man always thinks about how he can steal another’s money by fraud, his blood changes according to his mind. And, from this altered blood, his body is made. So, he looks like a con and acts like the one and, finally, becomes a defrauder. That is to say, a man’s fate is his own making. His appearance, personality and the structure of his body, all these are influenced by his state of mind. How wonderful and surprising a fact this is! “One’s blood changes according to one’s thoughts.”

There is no gainsaying this fact, and this is the key theory in the science of immortality. Therefore, always think, “I am young vigorous. I will never die.”, and act like a man who has seized the universe and serve everyone as yourself: then, your blood changes to that of the immortals, and you will live forever. Because, as you sow, so shall you reap.