Immortality the experience in our blood

All Humans have same ancestor, Adam and Eve

Man is not a being fallen from heaven, but a successor being of his parents’ blood. Your children were made of your blood; you of your parents’ blood, parents of grandparents’, grandparents of great grandparents’, and so forth, to the first parents; Adam and Eve. Accordingly, all human beings are of to the first parents; Adam and Eve. Accordingly, all human beings are of Adam’s and Eve’s blood. Therefore, all mankind is one. We are not separate and apart. We have only one family pedigree. Because we have the same ancestor, the same blood vessels and the same blood, we are all one (Acts 17:26). We have only one body. Just as thumb, forefinger, middle finger, ring finger, and little finger are not separate and apart, we are not separate from one another. We are like a tree. Although the tree has its leaves, its branches, its roots, it is one complete body. Although there are many races in the world, yellow, white and colored, all mankind is one body , one tree. The yellow races are like branches to the east, the white races branches to the north and the colored races branches to the south.

the law of heredity is that of blood

Meanwhile, one of the laws of nature is that of heredity, and the law of heredity is that of blood. Therefore, the dog begets a dog, the bull a bull, the monkey a monkey and the rabbit a rabbit. Similarly, God bears God. As the Bible has it, we have our being from God and are His offspring (Acts 17:28-29). Therefore, the human being is God. If there is any one who insists that the human being is not God, then he is just like one who insists that the puppy is not a dog. As we have seen above, however, the puppy is a dog, too, because the offspring of a dog is a dog. Similarly, the child of God is God. Therefore, all mankind is God. We, humans are not animals. We are neither thinking animals nor social animals. We are thinking and monistic God. We are not separate and apart. We are all one. Hence all mankind is God. In other words, all mankind is A Tree of God. If there is any one who thinks “I”, “you”, “he” or “she”, he must be a crazy animal. He is just like a man who thinks his nose is different from other’s. He has gone insane.

Now, all people on earth think their noses different from others’ and they fight against one another. They kill their enemies. They are very very selfish. Therefore, all the people of the world are abnormal. They are suffering from mental disease. So, the whole world is a mental institution.