The Victory Altar argues that the light in the picture was taken with The Fruit of Life.

(This man refers to the Victor of the Victory Altar.)

Light comes out from those who stand in the rank of kings

The people who stand in the rank of kings will become kings, rule all the people of the world and lead them forever. Light shines from the faces of the people who are in the rank of kings even though it is not as bright as the Savior. By emanating the light to those who do not emit the light, all the people of the world are supposed to live as the kings who emit light order.
Therefore, you should strive to become kings. There is a hymn starting, ‘Standing in the line with the prophets and kings and walking on the golden road, we will sing this song.’ Let’s sing this hymn.

The essence of the Fruit of Life is the face of the Savior

The Salvation Theory is recorded in the Bible. Although it says that one is saved due to eating the Fruit of Life, it does not write what the Fruit of Life looks like. As the Fruit of Life is the spirit of immortality, it is the spirit which defeats the spirit of death and annihilates the spirit of death. So This man says that the Fruit of Life is the spirit of the Savior. The Savior emits the Holy Dew Spirit, which is the Fruit of Life. Looking at the face of the Savior every second means eating the Fruit of Life with the heart. Eating the Fruit of Life is a spiritual statement. A spiritual word is the word of the heart. Therefore, if one engraves the face of the Savior in their hearts, it means eating the Fruit of Life.
Therefore, if the face of the Savior is not inscribed in your heart, you should carve the face of the Savior in your hearts looking at the picture of the Savior. The face of a normal person comes to mind easily. But the face of the Savior does come to mind easily. Do you know why? Because the Savior is not a man, but a perfect God, he is not engraved in the heart easily.

You should eat the Fruit of Life all the time

So if you inscribe the face of the Savior in your heart, it means eating the Fruit of Life and becoming Saviors. Therefore, if one becomes a Savior, does the Fruit of Life disappear from their heart? No. Saviors are expected to always engrave the face of the Savior in their heart. The condition of eating the Fruit of Life all the time indicates becoming Gods. If one does not eat the Fruit of Life, they cannot become Gods.
Therefore, only if you become Victors and become perfect men, then you can be Gods. After becoming Gods, we become Saviors. Because if one becomes a Savior, they are in a state which cannot change, the face of the Savior is carved, and the Fruit of Life exists in their hearts all the time. Then they are in a state that they do not have flaws and can not be contaminated by sin.

Because the Savior takes charge of one’s sins, their bodies will become immortal ones

Raise your hands who catch a cold! All the colds of such many people will contaminate This man. There is a case that This man coughs on the rostrum. Because the colds you have is contaminated to This man. Only if This man draws your colds and is in charge of them, your colds are cured. If This man does not take charge, the cold will not be healed. In fact, as This man takes charge of all your sins, you bodies are becoming immortal. If This man does not bear one’s sins, they are supposed to die one by one due to their sins. Due to being in charge of sins, your bodies are becoming imperishable.

Therefore, the Savior is good. The Savior is the spiritual mother who is very good. By taking charge of the sins of all people, the life of everyone is maintained. If This man does not take charge of one’s sins, everybody is going to die one by one, two, ten, and in a pile of one hundred, one thousand, and ten thousands.
Therefore, the man who pours life is the Savior. Today the reason that people live is because the Savior sends life continuously to them. However people do not know this fact. So it is sure that the Savior came to this world for people.

The Savior is making us immortal bodies

The Savior is always solving your sins day and night. He continued to destruct the Satan of sins in you. The reason that you get better from sickness and become healthy is because the Savior is now pouring life like a waterfall to you.
Therefore, You always have to be thankful. Those who are not grateful cannot receive the grace of God. To those who thank God, the Savior now pours grace.
Therefore, by thanking God all the time, the Savior will pour grace. Due to it, your life is gradually reinforced and become immortal. So you should live a thankful life.

The Savior makes sinners regenerate into the Holy Spirit

The Bible writes that one is saved by being reborn as the Holy Spirit. Being reborn as the Holy Spirit means being reborn as God. This statement indicates that humans were Gods before.
So This man says that humans were Gods 6000 years ago, but Adam and Eve, the ancestor of human beings, were permeated by Satan and their God’s consciousness, the controlling spirit, was caught in the prison of Satan, at the moment Satan became their controlling spirit, they were turned into humans. The Savior is doing the work of annihilating the consciousness of ‘I’, the spirit of Satan in less than a second completely and making the spirit of God become their consciousness again. While the Savior is doing that work, if you do nothing and take a rest, it is not correct. You have to make efforts to get rid of the consciousness of ‘I’ and to become the Spirit of God. You must strive, so the spirit of God become the consciousness of ‘I’ and humans are turned into Gods. If you become Gods, you become Victorious Gods and the Victorious Gods cannot lose to Satan. As Victorious Gods cannot be defeated to Satan and overcomes it continuously, they can achieve eternal life. If one does not become a Victorious God, they cannot acquire eternal life.*

– Extracted from the sermon of
the Victor Cho Hee Sung of the Victory Altar
on Jan 11th, 2002.
Translation: Angela Kim