Zion will be founded right before Heaven

Do you know what the Zion is like? It’s a place on our way to the Heaven. There is a hymn that reads “The morning that Zion’s Glory shines”, isn’t there? “The morning when Zion’s Glory shines” means the light is shining from the LORD. Since the light could abolish all the spirits of Satan, all people are supposed to become Gods. It means the glorious light of the LORD rises upon his head as well.
“This dark land becomes bright” means since all people become Gods they get to know the whole things. The magnificent light of the LORD lets people get to know everything.
The Zion is a world where all humans will become Gods because the LORD is going to eradicate Satan in their minds. It means the world of Satan will turn into that of Gods, doesn’t it? However, the glorious light of LORD is the curved ray, with no shade and darkness. The light will shine more than ten times stronger than the sunlight. Satan cannot access to the world because it is an LORD-ever-shining-world within day and night. Thus the world is where anyone can’t exist and live.
The LORD is going to lead all human to turn into Gods in that world. He is supposed to rule over the whole universe forever.

the LORD comes as a thief

People think the LORD as a human because HE has an image of a human, but a true form of the LORD is not human according to Gyeog-Am-Yulog in a Korean Prediction book. The Trinitarian God has developed a weapon to eradicate the Satan for 6000 years and has come to Korea as a Korean. People don’t know it.
The Bible says the day of the LORD comes as a thief(1Th 5:2). As God knew that if Satan would know the advent of God, he would hinder his coming, he was supposed to appear like a thief. Only if the Trinitarian God dressed in an image of a human has come to the world, Satan didn’t notice HIM as the LORD. Therefore the Bible says the day of the LORD comes as a thief.
The day of Zion’s Glad Morning is gradually getting closer. The LORD is supposed to judge people whether they can go to the heavenly kingdom or not. If someone is judged that he is not qualified to live in heaven, He is supposed to throw him away. Since the day is coming close, those who neglect to attend this Altar and act unruly will be unhappy. According to Daniel 12:11 “From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days.” Shouldn’t you attend daily sacrifice(worship services) you never be saved. Only if they go to daily services and glorify God in everyday life are enlisted in saved people.

Becoming one flesh is the secret of salvation

This man continues to say you act one heart and mind to be saved. If you and I have a different thought on something, we are not one. As Satan is a separating spirit, it cannot become one. However, God can make one no matter how many people are, even if there are six billion people. So people who will be saved are supposed to become one.
So ‘hananim’ meaning God is formed by adding ‘nim’ to ‘hana’ meaning in Korean word. Only if one is a God, they will be saved. If you want to be God you must be united first and foremost. If we don’t become one, it has nothing to do with salvation. There is eternal life in one, there is heaven in one, and God is in one.
At the moment when Satan enters into humans and becomes their controlling souls, the splitting spirit Satan turns into their dominating one, thus humans can’t be one. There are ingredients of Satan in human’s mind, and Satan is a disuniting soul. Therefore all people never become one. Since they have been controlled by Satan the spirit of sprit they can be united.
That’s why our church urges you to consider everyone as me. This means you and I must become one flesh. If they want to be Gods, first of all, they must be one. Only if one becomes one, which can bring us the HEAVEN.

In Zion, living water flows like a river

“Water in the dry brook is flowing” is a spiritual word. is a spiritual word, if those who we were not connected to the living water are reconnected to the living water, it means that water the dried stream is flowing.
“Look at the flowers in the desert” means as all humans will become Gods, then they will be beautiful like flowers. So it says water in a dried brook is flowing through the flowers. Those flowers indicate the people who became Gods.
Therefore, Zion means that after the world of humans is turned into that of God, the living water is connected to them. Is there a hymn that the living water flows along from the throne of the little lamb? The little lamb means the Savior. The living water flows from the Savior. Thus the living water runs between God like flowers and goes by all over the world. That world where the living water flows is right Zion, which is the world that humanity turns into Gods.
Manbeobjeon, a Korean Prediction book, said that all people would live in the midst of light. This means the light of the Savior is not abolished but one saving all things, on that day, ego within all human beings will be removed. Then ego within all human beings will be reinstated Gods. That first land where is recovered into Gods is Zion

Zion is imminent

Zion is getting close. You must act as Gods to become Gods. However, if you do as humans, you can’t enter into the Heaven.
Human is jealous, offended, and nervous. He also commits lewd sins and gets angry. You have to throw away all these human traits to get rid of human masks.
The kingdom of heaven is just around the corner. The human world will end soon. It will become the world of God. The universe becomes a heavenly country. Heaven is not a separate country. If humans become Gods, the kingdom of heaven will be established in this universe because everywhere God exists is the kingdom of heaven. Do you get it?
The Savior came to build the kingdom of heaven. The Savior came to make the world God alone, with the devil gone. There are many fake Saviors in the world, and they lie to you, too, but only a little bit later the lies will be revealed. All churches with crosses have to tear off the cross and put up the signs of the Victory altar.*

Extracted from the sermon of the Victor Cho Hee Sung on Feb. 6th, 2002.
Translation: Bookman Kim, Angela Kim