Blood and Life Heart Body

1) Blood = Cells =Body

Cells consist of blood, flesh and bone are made up of cells, and the body consists of flesh and bone. So, cells, flesh and bone and the body are nothing but an extension of blood. They are all composed of blood itself. Cells are blood, and flesh and bone are blood, and the body is blood. Also, even hair, fingernails and toenails are all actual blood. For this reason, Koreans call a newborn baby, “Pittungee”(=a lump of blood).

2) Life = Heart = Spirit

Man sometimes faints or dies from astonishment or mental shock. Man may also be killed by being hypnotized. These facts suggest that heart(mind) and life are inseparable from each other. As the Bible has it, the heart is the source of life(Proverbs 4:23). Therefore, the heart is in life, and life in the heart. That is to say, life is just heart, and the heart is just life(Psalm 31:30).

On one hand, a dead body does not have a heart. There is no such thing as spirit or mind in the dead. So, life and the spirit are inseparable. They are the same body. Life is the spirit and the spirit is life(Genesis 2:7). On the other hand, we call a thinking man a spiritual being. This suggests that thought is just the spirit. So now, thought, mind and spirit are actually synonyms. They all indicate the same thing, that is, the human heart. Therefore, the heart is the mind, and the mind is the spirit(1 John 4:6), and the spirit is life(James 2:26), and life is the heart(Psalm 31:10).

3) Blood = Life = Heart

If man has a blood deficiency, he will suffer from anemia. If man sheds too much blood, he may die. If the blood of a beast is injected into human blood-vessels, the man will die at once. Man also happens to die from heart-failure. These suggest that blood is the source of life. On this, many idioms, such as “to the last drop of one’s blood” or, “give one’s blood for one’s mother country” or, “have A’s blood on B’s head” also demonstrate that blood is just life(Genesis 9:4). In fact, all activities necessary for life, such as breathing, digesting and sensing, are performed by blood. So, the Bible says that blood is life(Leviticus 17:14, Deuteronomy 12:23).

On the other hand, human dispositions or tempers differ from each other according to blood type. The man of type A is meticulous and careful. The man of type B is obedient and docile. The man of type O is violent and radical. These facts suggest that the human mind is just the product of blood. Accordingly, we call the pump, not “the box of blood”, but “the heart”. Now, the pump pulses differently according to circumstances. It pulses fast when you get angry. It pulses calmly when you sit down and relax yourself. This indicates that blood, body and heart are inseparable. Therefore, blood is heart, heart is life and life is blood.

4) Body = Blood = Spirit

As we have seen so far, blood is life, life is heart and heart is spirit. Consequently, blood is merely the spirit. On one hand, blood is composed of cells, the cells are flesh and bone, and flesh and bone make up the body. So, blood is merely the body. Therefore, spirit is body, and the body is the spirit. Nevertheless, most people have the idea that the body is one thing and the spirit is another. This mistaken idea is due to inferior and imperfect religions, which have borne false witness. But, as we have seen above, spirit and body never can be separated. This is both Biblical and scientific.

In fact, human thought is the working of the nervous system. Nerve cells are spread throughout the body. Through such a system of nerves, man can feel and think. That is to say, the whole body is the spirit, which it is. Therefore, it is a groundless lie to state that man’s spirit enters the Kingdom of Heaven after his death. When you die, you die actually. Your spirit or soul also dies, like your body. Therefore, it is a terrible lie to state that one’s spirit or soul enters another world, such as the Kingdom of God or the abode of the spirit, after one’s death. As the Bible has it, man dies and goes to Hell, the wages of sin(Romans 6:23, James 1:15). Accordingly, any one who dies goes to Hell.

As for the Kingdom of God, that is where God lives. Now, the Bible says that God lives in our hearts(1 Corinthians 3:16, Luke 17:21). Therefore, only those who live eternally with their bodies(=hearts) deserve to enter into the Kingdom of God. Many people think that God is one thing and the Kingdom of God another. But, this is not true. Because the Bible is a spiritual book, the whole Bible expresses the human mind. The Valley of Baca expresses the human mind(Psalm 84:6), and the desert, the parched land, the wilderness, the blind, the ears of the deaf, the tongue of the dumb, streams in the desert, they all express the human mind(Isaiah 35:1-10), and the war of Armageddon expresses war of the mind(Revelation 16:16), and the book of life(Revelation 17:8), the water of life(Revelation 2:6), the tree of life(Revelation 2:7), the hidden manna(Revelation 2:17), all express the human mind. Babylon(Revelation 18:2), the new heaven and the new earth(Revelation 21:1) also express it. Similarly, the Abyss or Satan(Revelation 17:8) expresses it, and the Kingdom of Heaven or God also expresses it. That is to say, Satan is just Hell of the mind, and God is just Paradise of the mind.

So the Bible says, “Blessed are they who know their spiritual poverty, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.… Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God”(Matthew 5:3-8).

Spiritual poverty means the empty mind, and the pure of heart indicate those who are not disturbed with worldly thoughts. As we have seen so far, the Kingdom of Heaven is precisely in our hearts. Therefore, only those who are alive deserve to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven(Mark 12:27, Luke 20:38, Numbers 16:22).

Biochemical Classification

Blood type determines temper type. As the compass indicates south and north, blood type indicates the human disposition. Someone may say that this is only a kind of myth. But, it is altogether different. Because mind processes are precisely a function of blood, temper types will differ according to blood type. Therefore, if the first criterion which discriminates the human being into male and female is sex, the first criterion which discriminates human temper may be blood. In fact, there is no substance which classifies the human being biochemically other than blood type, as yet.