about immortality news

We pursue immortality and wish to live forever young.

Stephen Cave in the University of Cambridge says in his book Immortality, human civilisation is a product of immortal will. Immortality has led to the development of science and medicine. Today many scientists are challenging forever young. Many futurists say new technologies will increase human life.

Spiritual Immortality

Apart from science, there are people seeking immortality among the apostles. Taoist dream of immortality and some religions in the Christian system have eternal life as their doctrine, saying that the Bible speaks of immortality.

Physical Immortality

Immortality is a long dream of humanity and a subject to solve. Physical approaches include methodology like by eating or drinking something, by replacing or regenerating body parts. We welcome your participation and contribution from especially those who drive immortality. Please share the scientific knowledge and historic information in this blog. We have the same wish as yours that the dream of immortality will come to reality in this world.

“Humanity, to some extent, controlling hunger, plagues, and violence will pursue immortality, happiness, and divinity in the future. Humankind will try to become a god.” – Yuval Noah Harari, Author of Homodeus

The Great Pioneer

Are those spiritual and physical approaches different?  Since the world finds itself submerged in the ocean of ignorance, it is imperfect, confuse, unclear and changing at all time. Hence, the answer will be maybe or maybe not.

Immortality can’t exist in this world of darkness. You can only find it in the world of brightness backed by the true knowledge that tells the beings as they are. The Great Pioneer exploited a path to reach Immortality and uncovered the groundbreaking truth. You might want to know more information in deep from the Victory Altar about it.

Unity of mind and body

There will be no eternal life after death. As spirit and body are one, and both exist thanks to their life, death does kill the life; it does not separate. Spirit descends through their children in the bloodstream. Therefore, not only parents spirit but also the origins spirit flow in every single living heart.

Although nobody lives eternally in happiness, we still crave them because the origins spirit in our blood experienced them but lost. Body is just the shape of mind, and blood links them together.

Seed of immortality and mortality

The true knowledge identifies the seed of mortality with the human ego which is the most active spirit to control each and all dead ancestors. While the seed of immortality is the original spirit named God, Buddha, etc. Humankind formed its shape upon the changes in spiritual ownership that was initially with God before succumbing to its enemy- Satan.

Therefore, immortality can’t blossom without its root, but from the seed of immortality after removing the grain of mortality which was acquired.


Modern science and research come to find clues about the linkages between mind and blood, then, of course, blood and body. The simple theory explains if you have God’s heart, your blood changes to God’s, then, your body follows to God’s.  More details such as what is God’s heart and how to have God’s heart will come available on this site one by one. But in brief, acting against what I want but regarding others as myself, the acquired human ego comes to weaken. Eventually, the original spirit has a chance to overcome the spirit-of-desire, Satan.

The God-led changes in spirit change its blood then changes its body which is immortal, God. Modern scientific discoveries contribute some portions of the theory saving the tottering human civilisation.

If the world realizes that human ego is the spirit of Satan, people would not live for themselves and eventually, there will be no wars and killings anymore. Therefore, the aim of Immortality News is not only personal well-being but also world peace come true.