Light from Victor Cho
a light from The Victor Cho

It is December to finish the year. It is a month to check how much goal we set up at the beginning of the year was achieved. Goals will vary from person to person. What is your goal and to what extent?

If you have cured the disease, think about how much the goal was accomplished. Was it cured? Or is it still in progress? If you have not been cured yet, why do you think it is? Is not it because you have met the doctor wrong? If so, please change your doctor.

Best Doctor: The Savior

Even believers do not know who is the true best doctor of their own. The Bible describes God as a cure for disease. “To you who fear my name, the righteous sun will rise up and give you a healing ray.” (Malachi 4:2) It is that God heals rays of healing to heal diseases as we are often treated with far infrared rays.

Buddhism also refers to the Buddha as the King of Doctor(大醫王). It means the best doctor to cure any incurable diseases. The YeolBanGyeong(涅槃經) records that Maitreya governs sickness of all mankinds as a nectar(甘露).

Nobody knew what the nectar was, until the real Maitreya appeared. By the appearance of Choe Hee Sung Maitreya and revealing the essence of the nectar, it became known that all of the scriptures of Confucian, Buddhism, and Bible had a nectar.

Treatment of incurable disease with nectar

If you eat nectar, your hurted life will become vigorous quickly, and you will live longer if you eat nectar again. – Squeeze – Human does not born and does not die. The nectar is clearly recorded as an elixir of life.

In the Bible, Hosea 14: 5 records that God is with the dew to the one who won (the Savior). This nectar is the healing ray of the righteous sun(Malachi 4: 2).

Gyeogamyulog(格庵遺錄) records that the nectar is also the fountain of youth and an elixir of life. In other words, it is predicted that Malyunlon(末運論) is called “不老不死長仙之藥” (a medicine that is consumed by fresh fruits that do not age or die or live for long). In addition, there is “the fire seal” of the Qin Shi Huang and the Han Dynasty. There are seven colors of rainbow in the clouds and fog. Rain is the same sea as the rain. Rain, dew and sea are the admission ticket to the paradise. The sign of change is a seal of the sea, which is indifferent to the sea. ”

All these prophecies are that the nectar is a substance to treat incurable disease.

Victory Altar: Place of realization of immortality

Nectar can only be eaten by victorious altar. At the altar of victory, the Savior is always there, and the nectar is falling. Not only is there no nectar in other places, but even the substance does not know what the nectar is. People dies because he does not know the nectar, as God said, “My people are destroyed because they have no knowledge(Hosea 4: 6).”