Does green lipped mussel good joint preservation

The mussel, which is very familiar at the table of our Korean people, is cheap and nutritious. Other mussels concerning size and color live in clean areas of New Zealand. This mussel is twice as big as the Korean mussel and has a greenish hue on its skin. So the name green-lipped mussel is from, and it is also the product of New Zealand.

The green-lipped mussel is the subject of interest since it focuses on the relationship between the green-lipped mussel native to New Zealand’s coastal waters and the joint health of the Maori native. In the popular domestic program, Maori of NZ is not known to have arthritis because of the green-lipped mussel.

Why Maori in New Zealand with absence of arthritis

Knee pain from arthritis is a primary cause of inflammation by worn cartilage. Researchers have found omega-3 from green-lipped mussel. They believe its unique structure does intense anti-inflammatory action eliminating swelling of the knee. How did this powerful anti-inflammatory effect in mussels in Korea come about?

New Zealand’s green-lipped mussel grows by eating plankton, which is said to cause the accumulation of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances in the body, which produce protective substances to survive from the hot ultraviolet rays of the sea.

And the green-lipped mussel that eats the plankton also has anti-inflammation and antioxidant effect, and its effect is higher than that of typical mussel. Amongst omega-3 with the anti-inflammatory effect. Its structure differs from commonly known omega-3, which inhibits the production of leukotrienes, which cause inflammation in the body, and blocks inflammation, thereby reducing pain.

Weight accelerate degenerative arthritis

One reason that green-lipped mussel helps improve arthritis is simple.  The unsaturated fatty acids in green-lipped mussel help break down fat cells. It is common sense that you can accelerate degenerative arthritis because the weight pushes down the knee and the joints, which is usually not good for arthritis.

This is because the adipocytes around the joints can increase the pressure around the joints and promote the secretion of inflammatory cells within the cartilage cells, causing inflammation.

Fat cells sources inflammation

In other words, the inflammation material from the fat cells around the joint attacks the cartilage. It then causes the joint to weaken. However, the unsaturated fatty acids of green-lipped mussel can help to prevent arthritis. It has the effect of preventing the fat cells from becoming larger by reducing the triglyceride synthesis. Besides, it can be helpful in various inflammatory diseases such as asthma, bronchitis and allergic dermatitis.