“Origin” by Dan Brown, who is famous for 「the Da Vinci code」, was translated and published in Korea. As soon as 2 million copies of the first edition in early October were published in 12 countries around the world, it became the best seller in the Amazon and New York Times. Dan Brown asks about the origin of mankind in this book. Where did we come from and where do we go? It is the proposition of humanities and the starting point of all religions, philosophies and learning. What is the origin of humanity? What is the beginning of life? And what happens next? There are a number of scenarios such as the extinction of mankind, the end of nuclear war or collision with an extraterrestrial planet, and the big opening.

What does the Bible say?

Where did we come from? Where are we going? It is no exaggeration to say that the key point of these questions is the origin of life. I have wondered for a long time about the origin of life. Since I was around 7 years old, I have been afraid of death, so I have tried to know God by going to a cathedral for about 20 years. But I did not know God. Seeing Christians looking happy, I thought that there is God in churches and went to a church. But nobody taught me about God.

The Bible says,“God is life” in John 1:1. I did not understand its meaning. But I could not ask about its meaning to anybody because I thought nobody would answer the question. As I could not find God in Christianity, I went to a temple and read books about Buddhism. Monks said, “all things are Buddha, so do not kill living things.” That word was too vague to understand. So I tried to find God in the eastern philosophy through books for 10 years. Still, I did not meet God.

What science says?

In science class, I learned “Negative electrons circulate around a nucleus neutrons continually, but nobody knows” from a science teacher.

The knowledge about humanities is the starting point of all religions, philosophies and learningLooking all things, I have wondered “Why is everything divided with plus and minus, even electricity?”

Additionally, when I was in high school, looking at vegetables in my yard, I came to think. “Where is the energy source, from the sun or underground of the earth”. I experimented with the same tomato plants. One was planted in a pot on the rooftop and the other in the yard. The two tomato plants had the same fertilizer and water. I thought that the energy source came from the sun at that time.

But in 2 weeks, I found, the tomato plant which I planted in my yard grew well, but the tomato plants which placed on the rooftop became weakly. I wondered what existed in the middle of the earth? I did not ask the question to pastors, monks, or teachers or scientists, and I could not dig the earth because the question was beyond humans’ knowledge.

All things were mysterious to me. At that time, I felt, “humanity is locked by something that they can not break.” Thinking of it, I felt so stuffy and painful that I wanted to die. But I felt that all my questions would be solved when I would be 30 years.

What the Victor Cho says?

Miraculously I met the Victor Cho Hee Seung of the Victory Altar when I was 30 years old. He overcame the spirit of ignorance, so he solved all philosophical problems of life. He explained about the origin of the universe and life, the cause and solution of the suffering of all life, the future of mankind, and the future of the universe easily. According to him, “humanity is occupied by the spirit of ignorance, darkness, and death, they know nothing. So, there was neither religion nor learning in the world. Religion is something that enables humans to live forever. Learning is something that tells about the essence of all things. Like puppies are dogs, the children of God are Gods, but science calls the children of God humans. So the learning of this world is not learning”

The right knowledge can solve all sorts of problemsAlso, the Victor Cho Hee Seung said,“Humans were originally immortal existences.” Then how was God changed into humans? In accordance with the Victor, the Trinity Gods were God, Adam God and Eve God. The moment, Adam God and Eve God looked at Satan which appeared as the image of God, they were caught in its spiritual prison. Then the Satan became their controlling spirit. As soon as Satan became their controlling spirit, they had the image of plus or minus, the image of Satan, they were changed into mortal humans. But humans were originally the Trinity that lived forever happily, they long for immortality although all people have died so far.

The scientific founding that scientists do not know

Additionally, all things are Gods. Speaking this scientifically, all things are composed of atoms, which are formed by electrons and a nucleus, in which neutrons are surrounded by protons. Neutron’s light is God, proton and electron are the spirits of Satan. Like neutrons are confined by protons and electrons, all things wear the clothes of male or female, which is yin-yang, the image(spirit) of Satan. Electrons continually circulate around neutrons using the power of neutrons, the living power of God and lock the neutrons in their orbit like a prison.

He added, “There is a burning ball in the middle of the earth, which is God. As God is life, all things grow well receiving the life of God in the middle of the earth. Also in all stars, there are burning balls, the God of life in them. So they can last longer.” In addition, the Victor told his followers, “God exists in all things as life. As all things live due to Gods existing in them, the death of things means the death of God in them, please cherish the life of all things.”

The teaching of the Victor

The right knowledge speaks itself understood in both scientifically and spiritually.Plus he always says, “Regard everybody as my body and serves everyone as my God” Because all humans are created by life, the spirit of God, they are one body made of the life of God.

Now we have an answer to where we came from. We came from the immortal body, God. Then where are we going? In fact, mankind was supposed to be destroyed because they are occupied by the spirit of death, the Forbidden Fruit which Adam and Eve ate, in fact, Satan occupied them and made them into humans. However, if an existence who can reverse the flow of death that has flowed through human history comes out, the story is different. I think that a spirit that overcame death appeared in 1980 in Korea, the big opening that reverses the tide of death is happening in Korea. That is, I believe that as the first man who recovered an immortal existence, the original state of human life, has emerged, we will regain our original state of eternal life and return to an immortal heaven where our first ancestors lived.