The Bible’s cause is written in the passage of John 5:39, “You diligently study the Scriptures because you think that by them you possess eternal life.” This means the reason one studies the Bible is because the way of eternal life is in the Bible. The aim of the Bible is immortality. Because God is immortal God, the word of God is written in the Bible.

The Bible says that the Trinity, God, Adam, and Eve, lived in the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden is heaven. As heaven is the kingdom of God, it is the immortal kingdom. Therefore, those who achieve immortality can live in heaven, if one is not an immortal God, they cannot go to heaven. But God lost his kingdom.

Just Satan destroyed the kingdom of God. Satan has locked the Spirit of God, their controlling spirit, in the God of Adam and Eve in the spiritual prison of Satan, and Satan became their controlling spirit, that incident is recorded as eating the Forbidden Fruit in the Bible. The Forbidden Fruit is the spirit of Satan, the spirit of death.

The Holy Dew Spirit is a biotron, a substance of life that destroys noxitron, the death material.

The Bible says that by eating the Forbidden Fruit, the God of Adam and God died. The Bible says that all the words of the Bible are spiritual. Spiritual words is spirit. The Forbidden Fruit is spirit, which is the killing spirit. In English word, that is noxitron. On the other hand, it is the Life Fruit, which is called biotron.

There’s a biotron in every living thing. Not just humans, but living grasses and living trees have biotron. So animals are also living by biotron, and they’re killed by noxitron. As God could not sustain life, he created the biotron, the Spirit of Victory to defeat noxitron. This man is the man who has the spirit which can annihilate noxitron. So he radiates the Holy Dew Spirit. The Holy Dew Spirit is the Spirit of Life, which can destroy noxitron, Satan.

Because This man has biotron that can destroy Satan, he can emit the Holy Dew Spirit. Joel 2:29-30 has a passage
“Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in the end of times, blood and fire and pillars of smoke.” It means that the Holy Dew Spirit falls ine end of times. In the Victory Altar, the Holy Dew Spirit, The Deity Holy Ghost has fallen as the color of blood, to the color of fire, and now the same color of the smoke like cloud. But it is not seen to people’s eyes.

As man’s controlling spirit is Satan, the Holy Dew Spirit is not seen. However, the reason that camera can take the picture of the Holy Dew Spirit is because the camera lens does not have sin. Because of such lens, the Holy Dew Spirit is taken.

If the Victor Christ appears, Satan was supposed to lose his power. So God has waited for the Victor earnestly. According to Revelation12:5, “ a woman clothed with the sun will give birth a son, he will rule all the nations with an iron scepter.” Also in accordance with Revelation2: 26, “the Victor will govern all nations with an iron scepter, asl I will give him the morning star.”

The iron scepter is the word of the Victor. The victor’s word is breaking all Satan’s false words. The people of Satan do not know what the Forbidden Fruit is.

Christians don’t know that Jesus did not know the Bible. So the Victor Chist with the iron scepter is destroying Satan’s theory. Today, Christianity is like a house standing on sand, and it’s supposed to collapse.

Christianity is like a house built on sand(沙上樓閣)

Jesus is basically not the son of God.
According to Matthew 3:17, when John baptized Jesus by the Jordan, a voice from heaven said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”

The Baptist John knowing that God is in the sky misunderstood that voice as God’s, thinking Jesus as the son of God and shouted that the son of God came to the world. So at that time all those who followed John the Baptist believed in Jesus,

As Many Jews said that Jesus was crazy and drove him out of the Jewish nation, today, nobody believes in Jesus in Israel. So Jesus went to Rome to spread the doctrine and said himself as the Savior, as foreigners did not know the Bible, they came to think of Jesus as the Savior.
Jesus cured a madman by the power of Satan in accordance with (Matthew12:28)

Jesus healed many crazy people. Matthew 12:28 says “if I drive out demons by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.” In that word, there is a meaning, “the kingdom of heaven does not come to you is not that he cast out demons by the Holy Spirit, but he cast out a demon by the power of Satan.” As Jesus confessed that he did not drive out demons through the Holy Spirit, he is the son of Satan. Therefore, Christianity is the religion of Satan.

If one receives the Holy Dew Spirit, they can achieve immortality.
John 3:5 writes “One can be saved by being reborn as the Holy Spirit.” To put it simply, a man must overcome the awareness of me and the Spirit of the Victorious God must be the awareness of me to be saved. Today, when the Victor Christ leads the service, the Holy Dew Spirit comes out of his face and body. And the Nirvana Sutra says that the man who radiates the Sweet Dew is the Maitreya Buddha, if one receives the Sweet Dew, they cannot die.
The blood and fire and pillars of smoke in the Bible mean the Holy Dew Spirit.

If one receives the Holy Dew Spirit, they cannot die according to the Buddhist Scriptures and Gyeokamyourok, a Korean prophetic book with 100% accuracy. Therefore, one should come to the Victory Altar where the Victor Christ lives and receive the Holy Dew Spirit in order to live forever.*

Translation: Angela Kim