Spirit equal Soul equal Mind

Most people think that the body is one thing, and the spirit another. What is more, many people even think that spirit and soul are different from each other. Such discrimination between spirit and body, spirit and soul has been the foundation of religion and science for six thousand years. But the idea of the separation of spirit and body, spirit and soul is neither Biblical nor scientific. All such inheritance is nothing but a dream and a fantasy. Because the human mental structure can project anything through the imagination, irrespective of what it may be, such false hypotheses and concepts have been established and admitted for thousands of years.

The foundation of both science and religion is human mind.1981 - The Victor Cho
But, in fact, spirit and body cannot be separated. They cannot exist independently, either. They are, rather, one. As for the spirit and soul, the spirit is the thinking process, or mind itself, and the soul is the thinker, or experiencer who controls his thoughts. Therefore, the spirit is in the soul, and the soul is in the spirit. They cannot exist apart. In other words, spirit and soul are inseparable from each other, and they are the same thing. That is to say, the soul is also thought, as the spirit is.