(This man refers to the Victor of the Victory Altar.)

The Holy Dew Spirit: the Elixir

The symbol of the Savior is the Holy Dew Spirit. Gyeokamyourok says that the Elixir of Samsin(the Trinity) Mountain is the Holy Dew Spirit. One can take off the mask of humans and become immortal Gods by receiving the Holy Dew Spirit. So they can live forever. The Elixir of Samsin Mountain is the Holy Dew Spirit.
As the Elixir of Samsin Mountain is in Joseon(the old name of Korea), Qinshihuangdi(秦始皇帝) sent 500 young couples to Joseon to get the Elixir. Because they could not find the Elixir of Samsin Mountain in Joseon, they could not return to China. As if they went back to China without the Elixir, the king would kill them, some stayed and lived in Korea or others crossed to Japan and lived there. So their many descendants live in Japan. Prime Minister Mori said in his mouth that he was the descendant of the ancestors who had come to Korea to pick the Elixir of Samsin Mountain.

Heaven is supposed to be built in Sosa area

From ancient times, South Korea has been called an ideal village. It means that the ideal village is heaven, which will be built in South Korea. Gyeokamyourok writes that the Garden of Eden will be constructed in Sosa area. It means that although heaven was destroyed, heaven will be built in Sosa area. So, if it is not done in Sosa, it is nothing but the work of devils who imitates everything. Therefore, only if heaven has to be accomplished in Sosa area and the building of heaven has to be built in 1991, it is the work of heaven. GampeulGa(甲乙歌) of Gyeokamyourok says that when Jeongdoryeong was 61 years, the building of heaven was supposed to be built.

Heaven is where God lives

This building of the Victory Altar seems like a building of the world, but the Trinity always lives here. The Trinity is in This man. And This man stands in the Victory Altar. So this Altar is where the Trinity always lives. Therefore, as the Trinity always stays in the Victory Altar, this Victory Altar is heaven. As when you look at the building with a person’s eyes, it’s like a normal building. You do not know this Altar is heaven, but in fact, the Victory Altar is heaven.

Mission and duty of evangelism

As God’s scheduled work is going on now, you should cooperate with the Savior in order for him to accomplish the work of God quickly. It is the work of God that you should evangelize every day and rescue those who are in the sea of death. It is your mission, your duty and your responsibility to bring one by one by evangelism. If you can not fulfil your mission and responsibilities in the world, you will be blamed and dismissed. The law of heaven is the same, too. If you do not do your duty, you will not be saved. That is a sin. Do you know what a sin is? If you do not fulfil your responsibilities, your mission, and your duties, it is a sin which has not fulfilled your duty. Those who do not fulfil their duties and missions are fired in the law of the world. Also the law of heaven is the same.
Therefore, it is natural that we now have a responsibility to announce this gospel of eternal life. If those who go to the way of eternal life do not fulfil their responsibilities and obligations, they must be reprimanded. Therefore, you should do your duties. Only if you fulfil your responsibility, you will be praised and admitted. Then you will be saved, there is no salvation without recognition.

Be thankful

The Victory Altar looks like a worldly building, but this is a saving ship. If one comes here, they will be surely saved. If one comes here, they are supposed to receive the Sweet Dew. As the Sweet Dew is the Elixir of Samsin Mountain, if one eats the Elixir of Samsin Mountain, they are supposed not to die. That is the word of God that came down from ancient times thousands of years ago. The people who come in here are blessed most because they get eternal life.
As I said yesterday, be grateful. Be thankful for living now, breathing, coming to the Victory Altar, taking a worship service, and everything. The man who is grateful wears a smile. Those who live a thankful life are supposed to laugh all the time. If one laughs, their blood becomes clean. And their blood will be changed into the blood of God. Only if one’s blood is turned into the blood of God, they will become immortal. If their blood are not changed into that of God, they will surely die.

Thinking of humans as animals is wrong

This man told you that there was no science in this world. This man said that all the world’s learning was wrong. All things are Gods. Ancient people used to pray to big rocks or old trees. Do you know why? If they prayed, their hope came true. Because God is in them. God hears what people are praying for and makes it to be done. People call it a superstition. As Christianity does not know that all things are Gods, they call praying to things a superstition. Proving that all things in this world are Gods, if a person lives in a house that falls down almost, the house does not fall. If a man does not live in a house, that house collapse.
As a man is God emanating the light of life, even a falling house does not fall if people live in it. Therefore, humans are Gods. Humanity is the direct descendants of God. As human beings are the direct descendants of God, humans themselves are Gods. Regarding Gods as animals is not a science. So the learning in the world is not a learning. So This man says there was no learning.

The work of God was supposed to be accomplished difficultly

Why did the Savior come? He came here to change the world. First, he will change the heart of humans into the heart of God. If the Savior changes the heart of humans into that of God, the bodies of humans will be changed into those of God. Then the spirit of God from human body is emitted, and the air is transformed into the spirit of God. Today’s air itself is the spirit of Satan. As This man changes everything that is Satan into God, the air is changed into the spirit of God, and people will breathe it. It means that people inhale the spirit of God. So they can become God easily. At first, becoming God is difficult, but as if the men who became God are many, the air and all things in the world will be changed into the spirit of God, so people can become Gods easily. The work of God is not done so hard until the end. It’s hard to get started, but it’s easy to do it to some extent. It will take place in an instant. Since God’s work is difficult, there were a lot of people who fell at first from the altar. That was predicted in Gyeokamyourok.
The first people who come out are captured by the devil and fall off according to Gyeokamyourok. But those who come out in the middle do not fall and are saved. But all the last ones will go hell. If it is done, you should come out early and endure with patience to the end by keeping the Law of Liberty, you will be saved. If you carelessly speak to someone something that harasses God, or say something that interferes with God’s work, you will commit an indelible sin. That is written in the Bible. The man who has sinned against the Holy Spirit can not be forgiven in accordance with the Bible. A word is very important. What says a disturbing word to the work of God means to commit an unforgiven sin forever.*

Extracted on the sermon of the Victor Cho Hee Sung on Feb 8th, 2001.