Avoid finished products or sauces and cut down on eating out

In order not to catch a disease, various conditions must be provided. The various conditions include genetic factors, environmental factors (work environment and exercise). Healthy eating habits should be basic especially for believers living in faith should control their minds above all. If he can not control his mind, he is likely to be a loser in life.

In order to live healthy regardless of the disease, you want to satisfy above conditions. However, no matter how the above conditions fit, it may not be possible to get away from the disease if the eating habits are wrong. So, how should you change your eating habits? I have summarized the five most easily accessible ways.

First, do not use processed finished products as much as possible.

It is good to cook raw materials rather than cheese, fish sausage, sausage, canned food as well as mayonnaise sold at a mart. Because a grocery company can produce many things that can produce with machining technology, we can eat unusual things that we do not know. For example, sick or outdated meat that is difficult to circulate normally can be used. We have already seen a lot of such precedents through the mass media, so we will understand enough.

Second, do not buy preprocessed foods if we do.

Washed vegetables and packaged fruits might have residues from its cleaning processes. Please note that the company uses bleach or detergent to clean things more cleanly.

Third, do not buy preprocessed sauces.

Because most of the cheap miso raw materials marketed in the market are from American soybeans, the so-called genetically modified soybeans. Korea has approved to import and use genetically modified corn and soybeans, so it is obvious to use genetically modified raw materials to lower the unit price in a food-producing enterprise.

Fourth, refrain from eating out.

Most restaurants use cheap food. This is because it can save costs.

Fifth, avoid eating meat.

Because people enjoy meat, large livestock farming is currently being developed. When they go to such an animal farm, they grow cattle, pigs, and chickens in a narrow space. They do not consider the life cycle or environment of livestock, but rather use growth hormone to make more profit. In addition, antibiotics are often administered to prevent the spread of various diseases.

Because of the large-scale animal husbandry, there are a number of restaurants selling meat, and people take it for granted to eat meat when eating out.

Excessive meals, however, can cause a number of diseases, including hypertension, brain disease, hyperlipidemia, and arteriosclerosis. In addition, the meat-intensive culture tempts to enjoy stimulating, addictive coffee, tobacco, and alcohol. And these stimulating substances create a violent and impatient people.*